Impeachment is Dead. Obstruction is Dead. But Collusion - By Democrats - Has New Life - Granite Grok

Impeachment is Dead. Obstruction is Dead. But Collusion – By Democrats – Has New Life


The Democrats wanted Mueller to testify. He showed up. But, we can’t say much more about his ‘testimony’ than that he had nothing to do with the investigation or the report. He was the front-man for a partisan Clinton witch hunt run by Obama Democrats.

His job was to sign press releases, do a few photo-ops, and not spill coffee on the effort of other Leftists to manufacture a crime with which to charge the President.

Maybe he spilled coffee, maybe not, but with no predicate crime and no manufactured process crimes, the Mueller Report Op-ed, written by Andrew Weissman, was a novel-length-last-ditch effort to sustain media and political pressure to push the Trump’s election was illegitimate narrative.

Mueller was dragged to The Hill. 

But House Democrat hopes that Mueller’s new “testimony” would resuscitate these narratives has died.

Even the Collusion News Network (CNN) is having a hard time finding oxygen after this.



From the Daily Wire,

As already noted by The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo, Mueller’s performance before the House Judiciary Committee sucked all the life right out of the Democrats’ ongoing push to impeach President Trump prior to the 2020 election, a testimony in which Mueller often looked confused and ignorant of the situation.

I don’t think the left will give up its quest to delegitimize the election. Truth has never been a barrier to much of anything in politics. But the odds are not in their favor. The IG report is due out in soon. Early signs are that the evidence points to collusion among Obama Justice Department leaders to use the surveillance state to damage a political opponent.

US Attorney John Durham’s investigation will break by next summer at the latest. That is likely to include charges of predicate crimes by significant players inside and outside the government. None of them connected to Trump. Many with ties to foreign interests. By which we mean collusion.

The left and the media will spin it. But without another Mueller off-stage waiting to come out with the next “I have you now” Trump-presidency-ending revelation (for real this time!), we should expect Democrats to go back to parading any scandal they can contrive to discredit the Teflon Don.

Here’s Mueller’s ‘Greatest Hits’ from his testimony.


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