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Violence: Biden Repeats Common Democrat Theme. Hey, Maybe He’ll Beat Us With His Lunchbox!

Democrat Bullies

Sen. Maggie Hassan laughed when a supporter suggested beating Republicans with a bat. Nancy Pelosi accepts collateral damage to Americans who disagree. Hillary said, no peace until Dems win. And now Biden’s ready to beat Republicans physically.

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Maybe he’ll use his lunchbox?

“There are certain things where it just takes a brass knuckle fight,” Biden continued, later adding: “Let’s start a real physical revolution if you’re talking about it.”

Get physical? What the heck are Antifa mobs and campus riots? Warmups? Wouldn’t want a pull a muscle in the middle of the revolution. Talk about embarrassing.

Meanwhile, we’ve got New Hampshire state reps lying about threats to their persons. Democrats like Katherine Rogers and Debra Altschiller, both of whom have been reported for physical violence.

All of whom insist Republicans are the threat. But to quote Peter Strozk, “there’s no there-there.”

For all the inflammatory accusations, inferences, and outright lies, all of the “fighting words” are coming from the left. And that’s not news. Violence as a path to power makes sense when you understand that violence is the only way to retain that much of it.

Who is disarming who?

The Democrats are the ones looking for a force monopoly for themselves and their beloved state, passing sketchy legislation whose sole purpose is to disarm private citizens. These same people are openly advocating violence against those who disagree with their political agenda. People that need to be disarmed.

And it’s everyone, not just Republicans. Anyone who disagrees with their priorities or methods of rule be they independent, non-political, or even Democrat.

You can’t ignore them and expect they will ignore you. That’s not how this works. There can be no deviation from the program. And not a word of contradiction. They’ll pass laws for that as well. They already have the governing bodies in the form of unelected Civil and human rights commissions in place. Folks you can’t vote out of office — people they choose.

They are already shutting people up who disagree with fines, lawsuits, and public intimidation.

We Only Have Ourselves to Blame

As Skip so often reminds us, you will be made to care. To which I will add that these theatrics serve another purpose. To make you give up on the process. To intimidate you from participating. Keep you quiet and in a corner. Where you will need to stay after your silence has guaranteed their victory.

That is when the threats of violence become actual force or violence sanctioned by the progressive state. 

There is no other outcome in recorded history. And they are showing you their hand.

But are you paying attention?

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