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Record Rainfall in 2018 – And They Scoffed When I Said New Hampshire is Getting Wetter

2018 Rainfall in New Hampshire

The Koch brothers are not paying me to oppose the goofy Climate Cult in New Hampshire. I do it because progressives are using weather to socialize government. I share my observations to keep Climate Confidence schemers out of my pockets. Yours too. So, when I wrote (during New Hampshire’s “CO2 driven” Man-made drought) that the state was getting wetter, I meant it. And I was right.

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In October 2016 I noted that,

New Hampshire has been getting wetter, not drier, so don’t let the chicken little alarmists bilk your stagnating annual incomes with promises that they can fix “the weather” if you’ll just hand over more of what you make at every opportunity they can legislate into existence.

New Hampshire had over 53.3 inches of rain in 2018. The final total will likely make it the 5th or 6th wettest year on record. Well above the mean. A circumstance that 100 years of data made easy to see. Even during a dry spell. That doesn’t make me a genius. It means my eyes work and I can read the trend line on a chart.

It does not mean we won’t, at some point head into a prolonged dry spell. Just not anytime soon. And when it happens, it will not be because of you.

The Truth is Out There

Our persistence on these issues is not a mere exercise in contradiction. It is a catalog of the expert’s hyperbolic rantings. Of how their repeated failures in every direction demonstrate their lack of credibility. And the reality that the problem itself is not what they claim nor are their solutions.

First no more snow, then more snow, then no more snow. Rain is no different. Not enough was your fault now you are to blame for too much. And in every instance, the prognosticators of this doom, the beneficiaries of their proposed remedy, the folks who can’t predict anything correctly, are the cure.

But not for the climate. These experts can’t do a damn thing about any of that any more than can you. What they are trying to resolve is the problem of control. They have a burning desire to engineer society and its people. Your rights and your incomes fuel the emissions of that combustion. And the Left gets high on the fumes.

So, while I continue to be correct (and they rant and are wrong) remember that I have no interest in the fruits of your labor. None. Those are yours to earn and keep. I do not want to tell you how to live, what to eat, or how to get from A to B. My only interest is that you do the same and together we sensibly address those few things of shared interest. Managed as close to home as possible.

The Climate Cult want precisely the opposite. And Rain or Shine they will not stop until they have it. Their prognosticators can see our doom 50 years into the future. Then claim they can fix it. Even when the same ‘science’ can’t be sure what will happen this weekend.