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California Democrat Party Convention Amends Free Speech and the First Amendment


The California Democrat Party Convention is over, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Take this nugget. Resolution 19-05.94. Dems think the First Amendment is Critical, but not when it comes to hate speech.

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WHEREAS, Protecting First Amendment rights is critical, but is also limited to exclude hate speech using the concept that offending statements first should be viewed through the lens of the party experiencing the hate, and that Jews, LatinX, African-American, Asian Pacific Islander, Muslims, Disabilities and LGBTI communities can be targets of oppression and hate speech for a variety of reasons.

The idea here is to let anyone who decides they are injured by words to seek redress. Put another way, the State shall punish any speech it deems offensive. Put another “other” way, speech policing by the Left.

No surprises here. Nothing new, not really. We’ve emptied a digital forest on the matter and provided proof of this goal with votes at every level of government. 

Democrats want to shut you up. Hate speech is the hill they want your speech to die on.

We know what this looks like. No right to religious conscience. Compelled speech. Mob tactics and intimidation to silence ideas and policies the Left opposes. Public harassment, doxxing, riots. And let us not forget the labeling – white supremacist, Nazi, hater, blah blah blah.

It’s what every tyranny craves, and Democrats want it bad.

Sadly, for them, not even the liberal justices on the Supreme Court are going to give their retooling a leg to stand on, not that this has ever stopped them. Nor will it. 

And so we are ever vigilant. Oh, and we purposely say things to trigger them. 

It’s fun and easy.

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