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Why is The Nashua School District Network Blocking GraniteGrok.com?

Nashua edu blocks GraniteGrok

We’ve been having some fun with the Nashua School District and the clown car they call their Board of Education. And maybe that’s why they’ve banned us. According to their network, it’s because we might be a blog or a forum. Okay, so why aren’t any of these other Blogs blocked as well?

First, here’s a screen grab so you can see that the web address is from the Nashua.edu website. (Yes, I cropped out the IP address of the individual performing the search.)

Web Address visible - Nashua edu blocks GraniteGrok

One of our many good friends in Nashua alerted us to this, so I asked them to do a little research. As noted in the opening, we are blocked. But not because we are a blog as it suggests (and we are not a forum).

FreeKeene, Leaven for the Loaf, and ProgressiveGrok (which is obsessed with commenting on our content, by the way) are all accessible “blogs.”

And it’s not a conservative thing. New Hampshire Right to Life, Daily Wire, Breitbart, and Fox News, are all accessible. Even Craigslist.

But not GraniteGrok. Which is odd.

We are local. Our Alexa ranking makes us more heavily trafficked than the Nashua Telegraph, not to mention all the blogs and local sites to which Nashua.edu allow access. The only non-television media destinations with better traffic in the state are the Union Leader, SeacoastOnline, Concord Monitor (and only barely) Fosters.com. We’re number five. (TV and Radio sites are in a different league where we are not trying to compete. Yet.)

Why block us? There has to be a reason.

Could it be that we, more than any other accessible “resource,” report negatively about the nonsense in Nashua, City Hall, and (recently) the Board of Education and it’s bullying partisan progressive denizens?

And I don’t think anyone has laid down more ink, digital or otherwise, in defense of the first JROTC vote.

We’ve also produced numerous articles that include emails written by members of the Nashua School Board, with a critical analysis that exposes them in their own words.

We may need to file a right to know request to determine if there are any internal communications between the board or the Superintendent and the network administrators requesting we be targets for censorship.

Or maybe it’s just a mistake and they need to whitelist us?

I wonder which will happen first? Whitelisting or the RTK? The Nashua Board of Education is notoriously incompetent when it comes to New Hampshire’s Right to Know Law so stay tuned.