Nashua Board of Education Obsessed with JROTC [Updated] - Granite Grok

Nashua Board of Education Obsessed with JROTC [Updated]

Nashua High north

The Nashua Board of Education met last night. The primary topic of discussion was a previous board decision to allow JROTC air rifle marksmanship practice behind Nashua North High School.

It appears to have consumed a meeting to which many members of the public appeared to speak. But after four hours a majority of the board ended the meeting without letting the public have any say.

[correction: members of the public wishing to address the marksmanship training issue were permitted to speak earlier in the evening. There was additional public comment that was not allowed. I will provide additional details and clarification in a follow-up.]

Board member Doris Hohensee issued the following statement.

“Members of the public were promised the opportunity to speak. They waited FOUR HOURS but were then denied. What is the board majority afraid of?

The BoE shut down the meeting at 11 pm. Most of the debate was on marksmanship, which got placed on hold pending information from the local fish and game…. so they can push JROTC off campus.”

Given the makeup of the board, a push off-campus seems likely.

Local Nashua politics have been teetering left for years. It’s sad. Not hopeless, mind you. Voters can elect uncompromising officials and board members if and when they find them. But they need to be prepared for this sort of crap: Leftwingers comparing JROTC kids to Hitler YouthBoard members obsessed with dangerous gun-free zones.

And of course, what Board member Doris Hohensee has been putting up with this past week. Activist members using every opportunity to drive anyone who does not share their opinions out of office even if they have to do it illegally. The board has become obsessed with her and the JROTC thing to the point of distraction.

It tells you something about their priorities. It’s not students or education. Public Education is about indoctrination, deploying students to advocate for the progressive agenda, and using School budgets to launder tax dollars into Democrat campaign donations.

But there are candidates out there. Individuals who want schools to be about learning. Folks who think the opinion of voters is more important than their own. You have to find those candidates and support them if you want to see things change.

As for the JROTC issue, the next Board meeting is May 28th.