A Monday Morning Reminder - 97.8% of Mass Public Shootings Happen in Gun Free Zones - Granite Grok

A Monday Morning Reminder – 97.8% of Mass Public Shootings Happen in Gun Free Zones

Gun Free Zone Shootings

This is not news to most of our readers, but it may be to those with whom they share. Gun-free zones are magnets for criminals looking to kill.

Those seeking to disarm law-abiding citizens are blaming crimes on innocent Americans. The punishment for those crimes is to take away their right to self-defense, making them into targets and likely victims. To remove by force of law the most significant deterrent to mass shootings (and all violent crime) – the presence of equal or greater force in unknown quantities in the hands of regular Americans.

Gun Free zones announce targets of opportunity.

Democrats running for President are letting their anti-second amendment hair down. There are open calls for national gun registries, seizures, and bans.

Locally, New Hampshire Democrats are pushing gun-free school zones and other restrictions that we need Governor Sununu to veto. When law-abiding citizens are disarmed only criminals have weapons.

Places, where armed law-abiding citizens are knowingly (or probably) present, deter these crimes.

Do not let anti-gun politicians turn your public schools and other places into potential shooting galleries.

Support gubernatorial vetoes of anti-gun bills. And oppose candidates for office who promise to disarm law-abiding citizens under the presumption that it will end violence by criminals. It won’t.

Don’t be a victim of progressive policy. Gun free zones are kill zones. 

| Charts and data available at the Crime Prevention Research Center