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Nashua Educrats Launch a Political Hit on BOE Member Doris Hohensee

Nashua High north

Nashua School Superintendent Jahmal Mosley and Nashua Board of Education President Heather Raymond (and even the Nashua Teachers Union) are calling for the resignation of Board of Education member Doris Hohensee. Why?

They claim “Ms. Hohensee engaged in reprehensible behavior as an elected official.”

What does that mean?

For starters, she is accused of outing a student on Facebook and encouraging backlash. There’s only one problem. The student outed themselves on May 3rd – the original post, on her personal page, was public.

Here’s my original screen grab (in which I redacted the student’s names). That “globe icon” next to the time means it is public. Anyone can view the post or share it or a link to it.

You might think, well, who saw that? Democrat, Sonia Prince.

Sonia Prince May 4 8-53am - Names Paula DurantThe student’s post went up at 7:46 pm on May 3rd. 

The following morning, at 8:53 am on May 4th, Sonia Prince, an Administrator at Gate City Politics, a Nashua Political Facebook Group, names the Student, and shares her post with that group and its 570+ members.

The next day at the request of another Gate City Politics group member who wants to share the students public status update (which includes their name), Sonia puts it on her own personal Facebook page and announces that it can be shared from there.


On May 5th, at 10:47 am my post (regarding the students) on the JROTC issue is posted to GraniteGrok’s Facebook page. Nowhere in my article is any student named. As noted above, the name and image are redacted even though I know the names of the students involved. That was my editorial choice. I never named the victim of accused domestic assaulter Jeff Woodburn either despite writing nearly a dozen articles on the matter and the name having been released by multiple media outlets.

Not that it matters, the name has been public and is about to get more so.

On the morning of May 6th, Kimberly Houghton at the Union Leader has a published article naming the student and quoting her. The second Student is also named.

Keep in mind that any interview would have occurred Sunday, May 5th, the day I published my original post on the JROTC issue. 

Need I go on? Privacy was never a concern until it became politically expedient. And this is troubling. In that environment, anything Doris might do or say would become amplified by her accusers, and that is clearly the intent. This is not about anything but a coordinated and premeditated political hit by her opponents.

Moreover, on April 29th, 2019, Ms. Hohensee posted a quote from Lothrop Stoddard, an avowed antiSemite who promoted eugenics and whose book was considered training materials for the Nazi regime. Ms. Hohensee referenced that book (Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-Man) to justify a larger point about social and emotional learning. This type of reckless and public behavior created a concerning climate for both students and faculty and has no place in a school district.

Stoddard was good friends with another racist eugenicist Margret Sanger. Two individuals who were more than just contemporaries. Stoddard served on the board and various committees of Sanger’s American Birth Control Leauge – an early incarnation of what would become Planned Parenthood. An organization that promoted birth control to prevent “lesser races” from procreating. A determined effort by racists to extinguish blacks by encouraging them to stop having children.

The ideological descendants of Stoddard and Sanger are Democrats and Progressives. The same people trying to rush Doris out the door with hyperbolic claims taken out of context.

Oh, and for the record, Doris flipped two votes on the Board of Education that ultimately got Jahmal Mosley elected as superintendent. Racist, she is not.

So, on to this. 

First, one of two recent public statements that Ms. Hohensee shared with me.

Doris responds to BOE letter

Next, the second; her response after the Nashua Teachers Union promptly parroted the BOE letter.

When did the BoE meet to take the vote required in order to represent their call as an official Nashua School District and Board of Education action, in violation of RSA 91-a, the public’s Right to Know statute? Board President Heather Raymond and District Superintendent Mosley’s call is, after all, on official BoE and District stationery. There has, of course, been no such vote. But not to worry. Following the law is not a strength of the current board majority. The NTU has joined forces with the board’s illegal action, as one would expect from the leadership of an organization in a symbiotic relationship with the BoE and district administration, their supposed opposition.

And finally, some additional sauce for the goose from former Alderman Fred Teeboom.

From: “Fred Teeboom” <>
Subject: Defamation and Abuse of Authority
Date: May 10, 2019 at 3:59:01 PM EDT
To: “Board of Education” <>
Cc: “Nashua School Superintendent Jahmal Mosley” <>, “BoE Member Doris Hohensee” <>
Heather Raymond
President, Nashua Board of education
Ref:  Your letter dated May 10, 2019
Subject:  Defamation and Abuse of Authority
BoE President Raymond:
Your letter, copied below, accuses and condemns BoE Member Doris Hohensee of violating city charter, state law and federal law.
I recommend you cite the laws you claim Ms. Hohensee has violated, as follows;
Ø Nashua Charter Law: Par.____________ 
Ø NH State Law;         RSA _________
Ø US Federal law:        CFR_____________
Failure to backup your accustaions with fact and law subjects you to defamation, actionable in a Court of Law.
Furthermore you seek Ms Hohensee’s resignation from the board.  Therefore, you also need to cite your authority;otherwise you can be litigated for abuse of your power.
My personal observation is that Ms. Hohensee has been subjected, during her tenure on the board, to repeated harassment, intimidation and false and reckless accusations by the Nashua School Board and the Nashua School District.
I have advised Ms Hohensee to retain legal counsel, for the purpose of filing a defamation lawsuit against the Nashua Board of Education and the Nashua School District, unless your accusatory letter is withdrawn, together with a sinceree published apology to the Board of Education, the entire school district and Nashua’s citizens through a Letter to the Telegraph’s publisher and editor.
Fred S. Teeboom
Former Alderman-at-Large

Plenty to digest in this massive distraction but I think the BOE may have overstepped a bit here and I’m excited to see what happens next. And I have to admit, I like Doris’ chances.

Stay tuned.