“Guns are scary. I am afraid of guns — they are weapons,” - Granite Grok

“Guns are scary. I am afraid of guns — they are weapons,”


In a surprising move the Nashua Board of Education “gave the green light for the Nashua Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps to provide an air rifle marksmanship course on a field behind Nashua High School North.”

The Union Leader reports the plan won by a vote of 5-3. But not without some drama. Nashua insiders tell me it passed because one Democrat was sick (absent) and another flipped their vote (probably because there were not enough noes.) I’ve also been told that the meeting minutes will be “loaded” with amusements. One of which was reported in the UL article this morning.

“Guns are scary. I am afraid of guns — they are weapons,” countered Raymond Guarino, board member. He said he is not opposed to the course, but is opposed to having it take place in the backyard of Nashua High School North. He said that space belongs to all citizens, including those who are not comfortable with guns

Let’s give Ray a little credit. He’s opposed to scary guns but would be okay with the training. That’s got to be a step up from only cops should have guns.

Board member Susan Porter said she supports the program, but alternative locations should be considered for shooting practice.

“I believe that our schools should be gun-free zones and the only people with weapons on school grounds should be law enforcement personnel,” said Porter, adding that air rifles look like real guns.

Sounds a bit like that ‘We support the troops but‘ narrative. We love vets (please vote for us) but when they’re overseas they are baby killers! We support the program but! Sure, thanks for the support.

Meanwhile, at home on the range, JROTC will be providing air rifle marksmanship training on a field behind Nashua High School North. For now.

| Union Leader