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Does Susan Porter Want What Happened in Parkland to Happen in Nashua, New Hampshire

Gun Free School Zone

The Nashua North JROTC “controversy” is spreading. Fox News 25 in Boston is now reporting that School board member Susan Porter said, “I believe that our schools should be gun-free zones and that the only people with weapons on school grounds should be law enforcement personnel,…”

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We reported the same quote here, last week, but we need to make this additional point.

What Porter thinks is best is precisely how we ended up with what happened in Parkland, Florida.

Elected officials pushing gun-free school zones. The system they were promised would protect their loved ones in such circumstances failed at every opportunity before and during the incident.

Nothing worked as promised. (Does it ever?)

What assurances can Susan Porter or any of the gun-free zone advocates provide that these same failures will not be repeated here or anywhere else?


If they tell you differently, they are lying.

The only time any shooter is ever stopped is when they realize they no longer have a force advantage. Only then does the shooting of disarmed innocents end. The criminal turns their focus to escape. Whether through suicide or other means. But more often than not, they are shot or detained by a ‘good guy’ with a gun.

How to Get Your Kids Killed

Gun free zones are targets of opportunity. Target rich environments which, if Susan Porter has her way, and frankly every other Democrat in the State, could make every school in New Hampshire a target.

By making it clear that these are not gun-free zones, you remove these places as likely targets for criminals looking for easy prey.

Not that any of this has anything to do with the JROTC holding air-rifle practice on a field behind Nashua North High School. 

Oh, and in case you forgot or missed it, the commission tasked with addressing all those failures at Parkland, recommend that the school arm the teachers and staff. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is singing a bill that would allow schools to do that statewide. While here, in the Live Free or Die State, we’ve got Susan Porter.