The Time has Come for Independents, Libertarians, and Even Republicans To Stop Carrying The Left's Water - Granite Grok

The Time has Come for Independents, Libertarians, and Even Republicans To Stop Carrying The Left’s Water

Socialism - Power over people

The Left’s ultimate goal is never what they claim. Each and every plea, policy, or plan has a goal other than that which is stated. They do not care about you or your “problem” unless it advances their pursuit of power. And only for as long as it takes to secure it such that you can’t possibly take it back.

Gay marriage was never about marriage unless you mean the path to its destruction as an institution that stands between government and control. A strong marriage creates a strong family. Strong families are a threat to Liberalism. Where marriage is least prevalent single mom’s, fatherless children, and the Left’s welfare state plantation are prominent.

Sex and gender issues have nothing to with a spectrum unless you mean how far left it can take us on the political one. Feminizing boys destabilize gender roles which also favors a future of dependency, higher rates of substance abuse, even suicide.

It is at these junctures where we find ourselves as conservatives at odds with progressive social policies embraced by Libertarians, and Republicans we label as RINOs. They buy into the idea that it is about eliminating discrimination, embracing diversity, or creating equality. Anyone who pays any attention at all knows that Democrats want none of that.

I’ll never grow weary of making this case. Being Back, Latino, Gay, Transgender, working class, Female (biologically or otherwise), a country mouse, or city mouse mean nothing if you do not toe the far-left agenda. Deviate from the path and their mobs, or their media allies will keel haul you.

The only right that comes from the left is the one they create, command, control, and pull out from under you when it suits them.

If you do not buy, drink, and share the progressive Kool Aid™ you are dead to them.

Once you understand this, you begin to see that what they are saying and doing is never about the thing they claim. It is always about something else – a path to dependency that shores up state power.

Campaign finance laws have nothing to do with money, be it “Big,” ‘Dark,’ or “Foreign.” Democrats love and embrace all three. Their agenda is directed at when anything appears outside their sphere of influence. It is not about the corrupting influence of cash or the communication it buys (they love that); it is about other people’s speech infringing on their path to power.

Social media, all media, is empowering until it empowers opinions and idea that oppose them or that they cannot control. Those ideas are racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, fascist; whatever words might get you to stop writing or speaking. You don’t have to doubt me. Racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist, antisemitic speech from Leftist’s is rarely if ever censored or censured when directed at political opponents.

The Climate cult narrative is about redistributing wealth and controlling behavior. 

Government-run health care has nothing to do with wellness and everything to do with the state owning and controlling the care of your person.

Higher taxes are not necessary extractions for the public good they are a statement of distrust about your spending priorities.

And private ownership of firearms is not a risk to the health and well-being of the public they are a threat to the pursuit of absolute power by the left.

There is not a single-issue Democrats claim to care about that does not empower regulators and politicians over citizens while expecting them to not just pay for the privilege but to feel gratitude for being frisked and managed.

No matter what the plan, the narrative, the talking point, or the topic, the Left has only one goal. To use you to advance a command and control agenda they control.

A return to the oldest form of government known to man. A two-class system with a dominant political class that is above the law and a subservient class forever uneasy about when and how that law will be applied to them.

There is no other future for you where the left continues to have influence.

You must use your voice and the ballot box to repel their advance and turn them back before it is too late.

And no, it is not too late. Not yet. Not quite. But we are close.