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If the Seas Are Rising Why Is Private Money Pouring Into this “Doomed” Island Nation?


It’s been over a year since the Maldives was to have been consumed by the Climate Cult’s angry ocean gods. Not only are they still there things are looking up. So, much so that the Democrat’s rising seas narrative is in danger of collapse. Or, at least heaps of ridicule.

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For starters, as early as 1998 ‘experts’ predicted that this archipelago nation would vanish like Atlantis beneath the ocean by 2018. The good news (for the climate cult) is that the doomsday clock has been restarted. Now, they’ve only got twelve years ala Ocasio-Cortez. Only ten if you believe Robert Francis O’Rourke (stage name Beto!).

The bad news is that no one is taking it seriously. TheAcademic Agentreveals a rising tide of indicators that suggest that neither public nor private money is buying into the scaremongering.

His evidence? Investors. Insurance companies. Development. Private money in the hundreds of millions. And a fifty percent rise in net migration – to the Maldives, not away.

Islands doomed to drown (again) in twelve years are not just high-risk; they have no value. So, why are people and money moving to the Maldives in droves?

  • Since 2002 the population of the Maldives has grown by 50%.
  • Direct foreign investment has more than quadrupled since the year 2000.
  • In 2018 the nation that is not suppsed to be there began construction on a new 400 million dollar airport. So larger CO2 emitting jets can take off and land.
  • Housing developers are spending hundreds of millions to build 240,000 new homes.

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Insurance companies are diving in and covering property all across the Maldives despite the impending doom prophesied by the Left and their Environmental masters. They are competing for customers and writing policies for properties that should be underwater by 2030 (or sooner).

Private money, public money, new infrastructure, housing, investment, and insurance risk are flocking to a small chain of atolls whose future isn’t just bleak it is terminal.

People are using their own dollars to bet on the future of this island nation. And while governments waste money all the time (because it is someone else’s) private investors are a good deal more cautious. Whatever doom the Left has planned, they don’t see it. Not in ten years, not even in thirty. They are betting on a long and prosperous venture.

So, the next time one of your climate cult ‘friends’ goes on about sea level rise, or the 12-years till Armageddon, share these facts.

A tiny nation with the greatest risk of any on the surface of the globe is bullish on our climate future. Given that nothing your prognosticators have ever predicted has come to pass why should we believe anything you say?

It is at this point that they will call you a racist or a Nazi, or something else nasty, which means you win.