Reminder: No Arctic Ice, Manhattan Underwater, and All 1200 Maldives GONE in Six Weeks - Granite Grok

Reminder: No Arctic Ice, Manhattan Underwater, and All 1200 Maldives GONE in Six Weeks

what-manhattan-will-look-like-if-sea-levels-riseExperts have been saying things for years that have turned out to be false but only recently have they demanded millions in taxpayer dollars (year after year) and an unimpeachable devotion to the scientism of the Climate Cult, despite them and their models being wrong about everything.

With that in mind, we remind you that as 2018 approaches that “experts” –including well-heeled perennial chicken-little James Hansen of NASA–predicted the end of the Arctic Ice Cap (again), and massive floods in Manhattan by 2018. And since we’re on the subject, the UN (which has lots of experts) told us the Maldives would be underwater by 2018 which is six weeks, give or take.

I don’t think we need to remind you that the Arctic has just as much ice today as it has had at several points in the past, and is nowhere near being devoid of the stuff, or even close.

As for Manhattan, just check the rents. I think you’ll find they still fetch a decent rate, even on the first dozen more climate-change susceptible floors. And no one is moving out, which is remarkable considering that the flood of taxes and regulations is on the rise.

Then there’s the Maldives, where milking the Global Warming cow is a political pastime meant to transfer wealth to a nation that isn’t going anywhere. You’ll be happy to know that all the hotels are booking suites through all of 2018 and no one is the least bit concerned about them not being there.

The promised climate apocalypse (pick one) is on hold.

This matters because most of the best of these predictions are about 30 years old which is telling. The latest batch of coastal flooding predictions gives us until the conveniently distant 2050, some 30ish years from today and long after millions have been wasted that could have been spent on things like women’s health care facilities or mental health waiting lists.

The babies not aborted will be well along in their cycle of Government dependency by the time 2050 rolls along, which is why they need to tax the crap out of you now because by then they may well have run out of other people’s money and will have had to cut McCainCare subsidies to Planned Parenthood, which used to be called California before the US Government had to sell it for one dollar to whoever “took on all the debt.”

And there never will be any unusual sea-level rise, just the usual recalibrating of the predictions, a demand for more funding, and a new apocalypse prediction a decade or two or three into the future.

So yeah, it’s all a bunch of scaremongering bs designed to separate you from your hard-earned dollars so progressive panty-waists can redistribute it to experts in a wide range of fields from crony-capitalist to propagandizing college professors.

And don’t expect anyone inside the ruling class to do anything meaningful about it. They’re all in on it and in deep.