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Sea Level Changes on East Coast Are Actually Driven By…Geology not Your SUV


New Hampshire has Liberals and a shoreline. These “features” combine to create climate alarmism (See also, Fraud!) and the political theater that goes with it. Democrats are forever declaring falsehoods. CO2 is damaging the planet. Mankind is responsible. And impending cataclysmic sea level rise. Gais’s angry ocean-god is swallowing up liberal coastal communities.

And the worst lie of all, Liberals through government can fix all of this if you let them take your money.

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Most American’s aren’t all that interested. As priorities go, it is at or near the bottom. But climate cultists refuse to give up even after a report in Nature where researchers assure us of what we around here already knew.

Assessing data from a range of sources and previous studies, the team concluded that the movement of the earth – referred to as vertical land motion – is the dominant force behind variations in rates of sea level rise up and down the East Coast, the team reports today in the journal Nature.

The last ice age is to blame. Or more accurately, its retreat. The interglacial. Isostatic Rebound. Retreating ice relieves pressure on land masses, causing shorelines to settle. Add to that some melting from a warming period in Earth’s long history that has nothing to do with your lifestyle.

A commenter under the linked article adds“variable sedimentation rates, sea-floor volcanism (this is a three-fer deal: material added to the sea floor, thermal expansion of seafloor and thermal expansion of seawater), and tectonism of both sub-aerial and seafloor plates.”

Geology, not ideology.

There is a myriad of geologic events that impact sea level. This is why we see such dramatic differences across the globe. In some places, rise is a few millimeters per year. In others almost none. In other parts of the world, their sea-levels are falling. 

Isostatic rebound and other geologic activity explain what Climate Cult dogma cannot. But there’s no money for the government in blaming you for variable sedimentation rates or sea-floor volcanism. Those won’t scare school children or convince their parents to support schemes that milk them to bankroll Green Energy vanity projects or social consciousness resume primpers.

Sure, some will argue, including the authors of the cited paper, that Climate Cult dogma has a role to play. It does not. Because the purpose of Global Warming theory and the entire Climate Change narrative, – like most Leftist plots – has nothing to do with temperature, or weather, or rising seas.

It is an international plot to redistribute wealth from Western democracies — a plan to which they readily admit but that the press never promotes. If they did, we wouldn’t be talking about it. They purveyors of such myths would have moved on to something else years ago.