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Sen. David ‘Rising’ Watters – Plans Bill to Salvage Seacoast From Poseidon’s Rage

Sen David Watters

The legislation is not written yet but Seacoast Democrat David ‘Rising’ Watters is prepared to propose some. It’s purpose? Who knows. But it has something to do with angry Sea Gods casting judgment on impudent mortals!

Watters is worried about “nuisance flooding during high tides and storms, inundation of natural and historic resources and waterfront homes, and difficulty maintaining roads and sewer systems.” But is that really all this is about?

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Watters spoke, “at the Seacoast Environmental Film Festival Saturday, after a documentary about sea level rise on the Chesapeake Bay.”  I’m not sure what they viewed, but the Chesapeake Bay region is experiencing downward vertical land movement. It’s a result of geology, not fossil fuels. A “problem” whose best ‘solution’ might be a sustained ice age and massive glaciation.  Not exactly something we’d want to consider even if we could change the weather.

Hardly the sort of thing to substantiate global warming. Not that they wouldn’t spin it that way.

But politicians like David Watters, the sort who attend Seacoast Environmental Film Festivals, think the government can do anything. Are they making the sea levels drop in Alaska? That close to the “disappearing” ice caps you’d think they’d be the first to go. But Alaska has seen sea level decline for quite some time. No inundation of natural and historic resources and waterfront homes.

Typically the Climate Cult calls that sort ‘sharing’ heretical. Picture the stories about Galileo catching shade from the Catholic Church over the idea that the earth rotates around the sun. But not as polite.

So, about Poseidon’s impending rage.

Do not fear What’s Nowhere Near, Democrats are Here!

A government with enough Liberals and enough of your money can fix anything. Just don’t ask how long or how much because those matters are ineffable. Unknowable. Like when the apocalypse will finally come. Watters plan, whatever it is, would start arranging to fund for the prophesied coastal doom or its prequels,  20, 30, 40, 50, 100 years into the future. As if any money set aside will still be there after the next budget cycle.

This is New Hampshire. Pilfering funds to offset other spending is how we roll.

But notice the time frame. It’s eerily similar to most of the prognosticators of doom by ‘experts.’ These are the same people who were wrong about every other doom to date.  But in 50 years the seas will rise 6-feet. There’s no evidence of that. None. There’s no evidence that we could do a damn thing about it if it did happen except move.  There is ample evidence of government under the watchful eye of Democrats bilking their citizens for every dollar or dime they can legislate away. All of it poured down various holes that can never be filled. All while the promised deliverables increase in cost alongside a commensurate deterioration in service. If they appear at all.

So, pardon me for thinking that this is just another part of the scam.

Having said all that I honestly think David means well. Seacoast communities have issues with flooding independent from the narrative mills and the Climate Cult. They always have. It comes with the territory. So, I hope he intends to take a sober turn at what just happen to be issues faced by typical seacoast communities.

I also expect (cough-cough) he’ll limit the pilfering to the above average incomes and property values of the folks who choose to live in harms way. Especially the ones who’ve been crying climate change all these years while clinging to property values overlooking the same damn shoreline that was there 60 years ago.

I expect to be disappointed.