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AG William Barr Announces Investigation into FBI Abuses in Collusion Case

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The FBI is being investigated of possible abuse of the FISA process in its pursuit of surveillance warrants against the Trump Campaign. AG William Barr notified Congress on Tuesday.

“The Office of the Inspector General has a pending investigation of the FISA process in the Russian investigation, and I expect that that will be complete in probably in May or June, I am told,” …“So hopefully we’ll have some answers from Inspector General Horowitz on the issue of the FISA warrants,” added Barr.

But wait! There’s More!

Barr also expressed willingness to review criminal referrals that are expected to be sent to him from Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), for government officials he believes committed crimes related to the investigation into the Trump campaign.

“If there’s a predicate for an investigation it’ll be conducted,” Barr said.

We reported on the Nunes’ referrals two-weeks ago and my understanding is they will be issued this week. A redacted version of the Mueller report is also expected next week. Democrats will cry and whine about how all the good stuff is under the redactions.  But much like the FISA redactions the moment someone says sure, lets un-redact those, they’ll change their tune.

And a quick reminder. Trump called for the entire Mueller report to be released before Mueller released it.

We will do our best to find you reporting outside the media noise-machine as these stories develop.

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