CBS Boston Can't Find Time In 7 Minute Segment On Mueller Report to Say Trump Want's it Public. - Granite Grok

CBS Boston Can’t Find Time In 7 Minute Segment On Mueller Report to Say Trump Want’s it Public.


WBZ News 4 took time to list a number of elected officials who believe that the now completed Mueller report should be made public. Some of them are emphatic. But at no point does CBS Boston point out that earlier in the week President Trump said it first.

“Let it come out,” Trump told reporters at the White House as he departed Wednesday for a fundraiser and public remarks in Ohio. “Let people see it. It’s up to the attorney general.”

CBS emphasizes that the report was shrouded in secrecy. Sure, except for the constant leaks to the press and Democrats. 

They mention that the Trump Administration does not know what is in the report. They revisit the accusation that Russia helped Trump win and that he denies this. And that he attacked Mueller’s investigation throughout.

They even manage to squeeze in a mention of Nixon’s scandal as if that isn’t more like what the Democrats did until Trump won and they needed Mueller and a Russian collusion narrative to hide their spying operation. We even get a reminder that after Nixon’s oval office tape’s were released he resigned within days.

Cue the drooling Trump-Hating Sycophants. Did you hear that Trump might have to resign within days!

But not once in the seven in and a half minute report do they point out that three days before Mr. Trump said to make it all public.

It’s not a secret. The President said it to the White House Press Corps. 

CBS4 Boston quotes Liz Warren, Jeanne Shaheen, and others that the American people, whom they otherwise disdain, deserve to see the findings.

Sure, it’s a propaganda piece that colludes with local elected officials to paint the same biased picture. We don’t expect anything better from local media anymore. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep pointing it out.