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The Tweet That Got Me Blocked By #AssaultRep

I’m sure you know of Representative Katherine Rogers, perhaps better known as #AssaultRep. She is that paradigm of Leftist tolerance who assaulted Second Amendment activist Susan Olsen, plead guilty to the assault, yet was exonerated and lionized for it by New Hampshire’s biased press:

The coverage -if it can even be called that- by WMUR was even worse.  John DiStaso simply posted an “update” -but not until 11:07 p.m. on the 22nd- to a story that ran back in August.  The “update” merely reported the terms of the guilty plea, followed by this spin from Rogers’ attorney:

As I noted above, to include only Rogers’ version of events, which are thoroughly inconsistent with the victim’s, is completely unfair and evinces strong bias.  And like the NHPR “coverage” there was no mention of the corroborating witness or the presence in court of the Democrat Party Chairman and House Minority Leader.

Earlier this week, #AssaultRep tweeted this:

To which I responded as follows:

This followed:

There was nothing abusive or ad hominem in my tweet. It simply made the point -with snark- that #AssaultRep was virtue signaling, and that what she really found exciting is having power over other people’s lives.

If what I said had not struck home, if #AssaultRep had any counterargument, she obviously would not have needed to block me. But instead in a similar state of pique to when she assaulted Susan Olsen, she blocked me.

This is why the Left is so opposed to school choice. Because they live in fear of children hearing any viewpoints other than their own, because their viewpoints cannot withstand scrutiny.

This is why the Left has no problem infringing the First Amendment (as long as they are the ones doing the infringing). They cannot win a battle of ideas, so they must suppress the ideas they cannot defeat.

If you can’t hit ’em, block ’em. Right, #AssaultRep?