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PART 2 – In other words, Democrat leaning Students gather to whine that everyone else isn’t paying their tuitions

Part 2 – The full fisking of that “N.H. youth fighting for college affordability“.

By the time I was done reading it and writing that comment, I was mad, to be perfectly honest. The lead paragraphs (reformatted, emphasis mine):

The New Hampshire Youth Table, which is made up of members from the New Hampshire Young Democrats, the New Hampshire Youth Movement and NextGen New Hampshire is working on a new initiative that fights to bring down student loan debt in New Hampshire.

Seventy-four percent of students graduating from a college in New Hampshire this year are likely to be burdened with some level of debt, the nonprofit Institute for College Access and Success said recently, with average debt sitting at $34,415

The way this article goes, they should be seated at the kiddie table.

Gosh, I didn’t see a single Right of Center “youth” group listed – nor in the rest of the article.  Just a bunch of whiny adults (yes, not youths, ADULTS) complaining that they have to take on adult responsibilities when it comes time to pay for adult things – like their own college costs. Does this prove that those on the Right understand that higher education is yet another new “right” concocted by the Left in their mad march towards Socialism? That they understand that everything has a cost to it – and that they’ve already done the proper math and financial planning and know the accounting thereof?  Sure, they may have debt afterwards – but they accept that education does not come for free.

The Left, however, is yet again showing its disdain for one’s responsibilities after sub-optimal decisions are made by them – and demand someone else make them whole. OK, I was going to make this a shorty but here’s more of a full fisking creeping up on me:

The New Hampshire Youth Table is working to organize college students across the state to help raise the voices of students who will be taking on debt in the years to come.

In addition, they will be attending House budget hearings, testifying at the statehouse, working on petitions and taking other action through this year’s budget process, in an attempt to shed light on the student debt crisis. The New Hampshire Youth Table is fighting for adequate funding of the state’s University and Community College Systems.

So, instead of taking on their responsibility, and talking more with family and friends, they do what ALL Progressives / Democrats / Socialists do – immediately go to Government to bail them out of what ever predicament they’ve put themselves into under the banner of a five year old (and then teenagers’) lament: “It’s not FAIR!“.  They want a bailout, these sobbing adults do. Sorry, but the short answer is “Go get a job. Or two, or more like the rest of us did back in the day.”

And right on time, here comes the false equivalence, the expected strawman argument from the Party (and allies) that believes everyone should get a free ride:

In a press release sent out by New Hampshire Young Democrats, NextGen NH State Director Brian Rogers noted, “Young people in New Hampshire should not have to decide between an education and a lifelong obligation to crippling debt. We’re working with students around the state to make sure that young voices that are often left out of this process are an integral part for elected officials crafting our state budget.”

I want, I want, I want.  They want to treat education like it isn’t a commodity in an open market – which it actually is.  We conservatives need to glory in this article – beseeching Government to fix a problem that the Government created for and entrapped them in by giving out gazillions of bucks without telling them “You can’t afford to pay this back”.  The Govt made it too easy to get into the debt they find themselves in – and now want all taxpayers to bail them out of not doing that simple task for themselves.

No, you don’t have to decide “between an education” and “a lifelong obligation to crippling debt“.  Do your homework that your town’s educational system should have taught you to do (oy vay – yet another post to wright on this!).  If you can afford it, go for it.  If you can’t, pay for it over time – take a few classes now, work, go back.  It may take longer – it might take years but you’ll get your education and you won’t be in debt for it.  Or, do like I and many others did – work above the capacity you thought you had.  Trust me – you’ll appreciate the degree that much more but I digress.

And remember, NextGen is that entity funded by billionaire Tom Steyer for political purposes. Trust me, no business person is going to be spending that amount of money to fund NextGen and not expect to get a return on his investment.  And like we say about the Internet – if the service is free, you are the product.  I hope you whiners learn soon that the Democrats and Steyer’s groups believe you are their product.

And this quote, this whiner, has reality smack him in the face and he doesn’t realize it:

“Through my college search, I have found a couple of schools that fit my criteria, and sadly none of these options are in New Hampshire,” said Milford High School junior Brennan Spencer. “The main reason is that the cost of quality education in New Hampshire is too high.”

Yeah, and in looking for a car, a Mercedes has a high cost because it is of high quality.  Yet, no one disagrees with the notion that I should demand that someone else pay the price for me to acquire a “quality transportation device”. And no, I do not accept the argument that the two things are different as they are both purchased as a voluntary decision above and beyond other things.

No, this is all a NH Democrat Party outreach problem in attempting to obtain lifelong accolytes by promising “free stuff” (in this case, a degree):

New Hampshire Young Democrats State Organizing Director Shayne Weldon argued that New Hampshire leaders need to make college affordability a priority. “We’ve been organizing aggressively across the state this year to make sure Gov. Sununu, and all our elected officials, know that young people will no longer tolerate a lack of action from their government-making it hard for them to pursue college degrees and start their careers,” Weldon said.

Right. Here’s what’s being taught – always:

  1. look to the Democrats to get you out of a jam – they “care” for you
  2. look to Government to get out of a jam that you put yourself into
  3. demand that others pay for them for bad voluntary decisions – after all, I “deserve” and demand from others simply because I want it.

What Shayne Weldon ISN’T going to tell them is this:

You really ARE stupid, aren’t you?  Because of what you are organizing for, YOU will be on the hook to pay for those that took on more what they good afford.  Forever. And if you think college debt is expensive, wait until you have to start paying the taxes so we can just turn around to promise more to those that come after you.

You’ll be giving and giving forever. And then wait until your kids want to go to school…

Anyways, this post started out as a simple post at the Telegraph so I might as well throw it in here as well:

Right. I worked 4 jobs as well as going to college full time to make sure I had the money to pay the bills without taking out loans. I made the choice to go and accepted the responsibility that it was going to “cost” me a lot to do so but came out of it with no debt.

It does seem that this generation wants it all done for them – “Free Tuition” they say because they’ve put themselves behind the eight ball financially. Obviously, they’ve never heard of the phrase TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Until everyone at the college of their choice decides to work for free and donate everything else, NOTHING in life is free including higher education. But this is what they want – Free for Them at everyone else’s expense.

This is just another slide downward on the “Entitlement Slide to Socialism” – that everybody else has to pay for my decisions. Going to college is a decision – not a privilege. It isn’t an entitlement, either. I’ve already help put my kids through school and I pay my taxes for the K-12 costs. Stop making me pay more – and stop thinking that my money is your money to spend.

It isn’t anybody’s fault but your own for not doing the simple math to determine if you could afford the extra training leading to a better job. Why make the rest of us pay the financial price for when we already taken care of our own at a high enough price? Why are they so selfish and greedy to demand stuff from others simply for their own benefit?

Angry? Yes. I grew up in a time of self-responsibility. If you couldn’t afford it, you delayed the immediate gratification, took the time and effort to save up for that thing, and then and only then bought it (for that is what you are doing – buying a degree) when you could afford it. Or, decide to go do something else. I never expected anyone else to provide for me and I didn’t whine about it – I just put my head down and got to it.