In other words, Democrat leaning Students gather to whine that everyone else isn't paying their tuitions - Part 1 - Granite Grok

In other words, Democrat leaning Students gather to whine that everyone else isn’t paying their tuitions – Part 1

This post started out as a simple comment at the Nashua Telegraph “N.H. youth fighting for college affordability“. By the time I finished reading the article and leaving this comment, I was mad as all get out.  However, because Steve is telling me to write short, this will be Part 1 and the full fisking of the piece will be put up later.

Right. I worked 4 jobs as well as going to college full time to make sure I had the money to pay the bills without taking out loans. I made the choice to go and accepted the responsibility that it was going to “cost” me a lot to do so but came out of it with no debt.

It does seem that this generation wants it all done for them – “Free Tuition” they say because they’ve put themselves behind the eight ball financially. Obviously, they’ve never heard of the phrase TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Until everyone at the college of their choice decides to work for free and donate everything else, NOTHING in life is free including higher education. But this is what they want – Free for Them at everyone else’s expense.

This is just another slide downward on the “Entitlement Slide to Socialism” – that everybody else has to pay for my decisions. Going to college is a decision – not a privilege. It isn’t an entitlement, either. I’ve already help put my kids through school and I pay my taxes for the K-12 costs. Stop making me pay more – and stop thinking that my money is your money to spend.

It isn’t anybody’s fault but your own for not doing the simple math to determine if you could afford the extra training leading to a better job. Why make the rest of us pay the financial price for when we already taken care of our own at a high enough price? Why are they so selfish and greedy to demand stuff from others simply for their own benefit?

Angry? Yes. I grew up in a time of self-responsibility. If you couldn’t afford it, you delayed the immediate gratification, took the time and effort to save up for that thing, and then and only then bought it (for that is what you are doing – buying a degree) when you could afford it. Or, decide to go do something else. I never expected anyone else to provide for me and I didn’t whine about it – I just put my head down and got to it.