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Girls Can Grow Up to Be Anything…Just Not Conservative

vote democrat or stay in the kitchen

Elections where minority candidates lose, except in places like (say) New Hampshire, have become an opportunity for the left to wield the nuclear bomb called racism, on (of all people) women. Exit polling where Stacy Abrahams and Andrew Gillum have yet to win (because Democrat voting never ends even after the polls close) showed more white women voting for the Republican in those races.

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As I have so often warned, being anything to Democrats mean nothing if you don’t vote Democrat and support their entire agenda. So, kiss that sisterhood business goodbye.

Amy Clark, writing at, exposes this latest hypocrisy to come from the Left.

In the wake of this election season’s bitter divisiveness, social media has given rise to a whole new level of stereotyping and intimidation of women: vote-shaming. While it is accepted that we should never ridicule a woman based on her weight (fat-shaming), her parenting skills (mom-shaming), her wardrobe (fashion-shaming), or her diet (food-shaming), it seems that vote-shaming is now in vogue on the Left.

vote democrat or stay in the kitchenYou can still bring home the bacon
Fry it up in a pan
But don’t you ever ever vote for a Republican Man
or a GOP woman, DNC!

So much for the Content of Someone’s Character

Character, skills, out the window. It’s all about the skin, my brothers and sisters. If you can’t vote the color keep your ass in the kitchen.

You can’t be a woman. You can’t be anything if you are not a Democrat.

The vote-shaming phenomenon perhaps is best summed up by a headline that Vogue magazine posted on their Twitter account last week. Nestled between makeup tips and highlights of a recent underwear fashion show was an article titled:

“Will White Women Voters Ever Be Who We Want Them to Be?”

Welcome to 2018…where women are only equal as long as we are who “they” want us to be.

Vote shaming. It’s a thing now. Get used to it.

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