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Hassan’s Doxxing (Former) Staffer Used Maggie’s Senate Offices To do The Deed

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Yesterday, Dave Solomon added to the story that broke October 3rd when a former Staffer of New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan was arrested by Capitol Police for releasing sensitive private information about Republican Senators during the Kavanaugh Hearing.

Jackson Cosko, 27, has been charged with publishing restricted personal information, witness tampering, threats in interstate communications, unauthorized access of a government computer, identity theft, second-degree burglary and unlawful entry.

Solomon reports that Cosko was caught in Hassan’s office without permission (unlawful entry) using a Hassan Staffer’s computer (unauthorized access). The perp was logged into another staff members account (identity theft) where they altered Wikipedia pages of Republican US Senators to include personal information (Doxxing/publishing restricted personal information) that would (presumably) expose them to unhinged left-wing mobs (pardon my redundancy) to intimidate them, their families, and their vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Or just to make them ‘pay’ for thinking the wrong way.

Yes, team Hassan’s bad judgment calls are piling up but does anyone wonder why these Capitol Hill staffers think it is acceptable to use these tactics? Where might they get the idea that it’s not just okay to do this but beneficial?

Is he a lone-donkey domestic terrorist? Was he inspired by the Left’s angry narratives to “take matters into his own hands?” Or, did someone put him up to it and what did they promise him for the effort?

We know the goal of such tactics is not foreign to the Lefts toolbox. Mob action is necessary to move forward. Force and intimidation are part and parcel to the goals of an agenda that turn people into slaves of the state by feeding off their labors. Not everyone likes that so pressure needs to be applied to a select few to send a message to the rest.

And the cost of such tactics is irrelevant to a ruling class happy to expend their ‘soldiers’ if it gets them closer to the level of control they require. Small young minds are happy to take the ball for the team, and this game is a big one for the Left.

The likelihood of a non-liberal majority on the Court for decades is something the Progressives cannot allow. They’ll say or do anything to stop it because if they can’t legislate through the courts or have them as backup for the legislation they do have the stones to pass their social engineering experiments repeatedly crash against the breakwater of the US Constitution.

Their progress from being Democrats, to Democrat socialists, to socialists, takes a decade’s long vacation short of unfortunate accidents ala “The Pelican Brief.” A story about the political assassination of two Supreme Court Justices to make room for more amenable minds on the court.

Even if Kavanaugh is Confirmed, this isn’t over.

If Democrats take the House we know they will try to impeach Mr. Trump but while presidents come and go the court has a lasting impact, and the Notorious RBG probably wants to retire and can’t.  If the Left doesn’t pry open some spaces for more moderate justices, Trump’s presidency and legacy (like him or not) could leave SCOTUS with at least a 6-3 Team Constitution advantage. They can’t allow that.

So, on day one of a Democrat US House circa 2019 they will move to impeach Kavanaugh for any reason or none. If they have the votes, the reason is irrelevant. If they have the Senate, he’s out.

They may then try to impeach Clarence Thomas. You didn’t see that coming?

I think it’s already being prepared. I’d bet money the documents are being drawn up if not already sitting in the drawer of some other staffer on Capitol Hill. It’s a planned political coup in two branches of the government by the third.

So what’s the solution?

Vote Republican. Up and down the ticket. Every race, every level.

I know. They may not all necessarily deserve it but suck it up. We need to keep the Chairmanships and we need to maintain control of both Houses (at the state and national level), or this sort of nonsense will appear to be validated.

You have to. It doesn’t stop with nominees, targeted US senators or F-bomb tossing interns and Doxxing staffers. It’s not just about Democrats having the power to cover up Obama’s Intel agencies spying on political opponents to provide Democrats will opposition research. It’s not just about the make-up of the US Supreme Court.

The intimidation up there works twice as effectively down here. What Party leadership promises, the foot soldiers in the mob deliver, usually with help from those above.

One wrong word and it could be any word, and it’s your boss or your job or your family in the cross-hairs. And if they’ll go after a Judicial Nominee or a US Senator or a Supreme Court Justice or even a President they’ll have no qualms whatsoever about destroying you.

Voting Republican sends the message that this not okay. That it is not how American justice works. We have rule of law not mob rule. We have free speech for everyone’s ideas, not just your ideas. We don’t destroy people’s careers and lives because we disagree with them on political priorities.

But Democrats do. They have and they will. And being a registered Democrat does not protect you from them.

If you don’t send that message if you do not clean House (and Senate) of Democrats up for election or Re-election they will send you one and you won’t like it.