GrokTV – Chris Christie dances a verbal jig over the Politico reporters word on This Week

I watch the Sunday shows (now that I have DVR capability back) so you don’t have to. I’ll tell you, Chris Christie (former NJ Governor and former Prez wannabe), was absolutely beside himself (no small order, that) and full of glee after the words of Politico’s Rachel Baid’s description of what would happen if the Democrats DO take over the House (as their dreams of taking over the Senate seemingly have set sail).  First, her words:

His gleeful response with advice to the GOP:

I can’t wait, I really can’t because : we should put that speech, just then, your reporting on this, and Jerry Nadler (who I know well from NY) who is out there saying absolutely we’re going to impeach Brett Kavanaugh. Republicans should be running that as TV commercials for the next four weeks because if what the American people believe is that by electing Democrats they’re not going to get a counterbalance or a check on President Trump. What they’re going to get is two years of investigations and impeachment hearings on Brett Kavanaugh and on Donald Trump then you’re going to get ready for a Republican House and Republican Senate. So I think the best allies the Republicans have right now are those Democrats like Gerry Nadler and others that are out there saying they’re going to become the impeachment house.

That’s what’s going to happen.

We who are continuously in the deep end of the politics pool know that and have known it for quite some time.  It’s like Gollum from the Hobbit stories – it HAS to have its “Preccioussss” (the Ring).  For Democrats, it is both Power (as always) and Revenge.  Revenge that Trump won the Presidency, that the Founders “allowed” him to win (the Electoral College that made it possible by again “denying” democracy and the evil that small States have the same status (in that you have to win in their singular Presidential races instead of one Federal race) (and it is “unfair” that small States have the same Power in the US Senate as the largest States, but I digress). And Revenge for Merritt Garland whose seat both Gorsuch and now Kavanaugh have stolen.

The GOP all over should run her exact words along with those, like Nadler, who heatedly have promised what their focus will be if they win both parts of Congress.