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One More Reason Why Ann Kuster Has To Go

Democrats squeal like greased pigs about money in politics, but this chart makes them smile.

Democrat congressional incumbent Ann(ie) Kuster has nearly three million cash on hand. And she’ll have more.

Her competitors have nothing by comparison. And no, this is not a new development. Democrat Incumbent Kuster has always had exponentially more cash to spend on elections than her competitors.

It’s not indicative of anything other than that she is there and entrenched in the swamp, doing swampy things that make lobbyist cronies smile.

Kuster is a Kreature of the swamp.

She opposes any effort to return the money, control, or power (pardon me for being redundant) to anyone outside the beltway.

Federal interference is her first priority.

Her distrust of local elected officials, business owners, heads of household, even single moms was palpable when she opposed tax reform that opened the door to leaving more money in the hands of the states and the people.

It had to start somewhere because you can’t build on what isn’t there. And Republicans are already looking to expand on the first round of reform and to make more of the original tax cuts permanent. That will leave even more money on your kitchen table. And when you decide how best to spend, invest, or donate what you earn you choose the priorities, not politicians and bureaucrats.

Ann Kuster can’t allow that. Her Democrat party masters would never let her, not that she needs any prompting from them.

She’s consistently more liberal than Democrat House Leadership.

Her reward for that is more campaign cash to protect the special interest that special interests have in keeping her plugged into the swamp.

They want her there because she’s not there for you. She’s there for them.

If that were not true, she would spend more time finding ways to keep the money from ever leaving New Hampshire than she spends looking for ways to take credit for getting some of it back in the form of grants with all sorts of strings attached.

It didn’t have those strings when you earned it. It didn’t even have them when the Feds came and took it. But every time Ann Kuster announces how she found some money in the DC sofa with New Hampshire’s name on it, there are conditions. One of them is that she makes sure the money laundering scheme stays intact.

Which she does. A scheme Congressional  Democrats have promised to return to its former glory by erasing the tax cuts.

That will inevitably lead to more tax increases. Taking more money out of the state so we can beg Ann Kuster for some of it back.

Wouldn’t it be nice to elect someone to Congress in CD-2 who is more interested in looking for ways to keep the money in your pocket so you can decide how to spend it?

No Democrat will ever let you do that. Certainly not Ann Kuster.

It’s a fact.

Vote accordingly.

Chart c/o NHPR