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Tax Reform Is Not Just About Money. It’s About Trust. And Democrats Don’t Trust You.

Heritage Tax Reform NHThe Heritage Foundation has published a nationwide calculator that reports the tax savings for the average taxpayer in every congressional district in the country. Being an average taxpayer, I took an interest. And not just to know how much lower will my tax bill be thanks to Mr. Trump and Republicans but what does that mean in actual dollars?

How much of my money were Democrats fighting to keep in DC, and how much are they going to take back the first chance they get?

New Hampshire’s statewide average reduction in taxes is between 11.2 and 11.3 percent. Average savings is $1,329.00 per taxpayer or roughly $22,640.00 over ten years.

In my district the averages are,

Heritage Tax Reform NH CD 1Those are not all of my crumbs, but these are the ones I’ll most likely get back. The money I earned. What Carol Shea-Porter, Ann Kuster (in CD-2) and both of our Democrat State Senators believe will be more responsibly spent by politicians and bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

And isn’t that what matters here?

The Government doesn’t make or create anything but debt. To cover the cost of these expenses, they concoct laws that allow them to take the money you earned. And while we will disagree about which “responsibilities” are so critical that they justify legal plunder Federal tax reform is also about trust.

In a society that limits taxation those elected to represent you are demonstrating a higher degree of trust in the people who earn the money. That’s you. Low taxes and the defense of low taxation, tell business owners, families, and individuals that you are more qualified to invest your earnings into the economy and society in general than bureaucrats and the folks who pass through public office.

They protect the idea that the money will find and relieve actual needs closest to the source of the income and that when and where local government is engaged for that purpose the folks “investing” in the management of those resources will let the people they chose for that purpose know when they disagree. Either through interactions with local officials who are actually accessible or via town, county, or state elections.

Accessibility increases the odds of transparency and accountability with the income earner being the first responder when it comes to their local priorities. What matters to them.

The opposite of that is (not surprisingly) the Democrat party position, a hand most recently played in the vote against Federal Tax Reform. Those opposed do not trust you to spend your money on their priorities. So, they make laws to take more dollars and then move it as far from your influence as possible. Their message to business owners, families, individuals, and even state and local officials is that you don’t know what matters. We, inside the beltway, are the best arbiters of how much to spend on what and where and under what conditions.

And distance matters. Your ability to effectively engage them is detrimental to their priorities. So the harder it is for you to affect who gets your money and how it is spent the better. The Swamp exists to keep you away from them. It is, when necessary, the scapegoat and even a  political bodyguard to take the “bullets” so that elected officials who keep the bureaucracy business booming can continue to do that.

Tax reform isn’t just about revenue it is about trust.

Democrats voted against it because they don’t trust you even though the money would not exist for them to take if you hadn’t shown the initiative to find a job and earn it.

Planned Parenthood is a great example. This is a private company, with global reach. It has billion dollars balance sheets. It spends millions on politicians and lobbying to protect that business. But if you try to suggest that taxpayers money should not be given to this private global behemoth you are an idiot. A sexist bigot.

The reality is that given the choice of priorities, while a few of you would freely give to support their business activity – which is your right and your choice – most of would not.

Apply the same process to everything the government does from ridiculous university “research” to loans for various crony boondoggles to forced union dues. These may not be things you’d spend or invest money in and unless they force you to finance them through statute. They do not trust you to fund THEIR priorities.

There is no moral difference between this and getting mugged or robbed on the street or in the ally.

The threat of violence is not dissimilar. If you refuse to pay, men and women with guns will eventually come for you, and if you survive the encounter, you will be denied the freedom to move openly in society. You will be stuffed into a legal system paid for with your money. And the odds are not in your favor.

But what if someone stood up and said, we trust you enough to start giving you some of your money back. No, it’s not a lot, but it’s a start. It’s a step in the right direction and if you like that step show us through your support and your vote that this is a direction you’d like to go.

If you don’t find and support good Republican candidate for office the Democrats have promised to take it all back. We also know that they will come for more because they have serious trust issues with the electorate. And they believe the State is more entitled to your earnings than you are and that there is “no enough.”

They don’t trust you.

Here in New Hampshire, the Democrats are no different. We have candidates running that don’t just want to stop tax reform at the state level they want to take it all back. And they will, and then some more.

They do not trust you. The Democrats never will, and their most ardent supporters, don’t trust you either. And they will demonstrate that distrust by supporting more legal plunder of your paycheck not less.

There is an election coming up. You need to show up in adequate numbers to counter their distrust.

And not voting is a vote. It says you trust the government more than the people who got the job and earned the money and even more than you believe in yourself.

I’ll close with this. We have a New Hampshire primary in early September that matters because not all of the candidates, even on the Republican side, trust you. Some of them would rather give your money to the swamp rats than let you decide.

It’s your money. You know better where you think it should be spent. You know best what charities you would support. You know more than anyone else where you feel most comfortable investing it.

Democrats have promised to snatch that trust away and your hard earned dollars with it.

And November is coming.