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House Democrats Should Change “Mid-Term Slogan” to ‘We Hate You’

Democrat Party Logo 2015A year ago Congressional Democrats rolled out a tagline for the upcoming midterms. ‘A Better Deal.’ For who? In New Hampshire, if we believe the Democrats around here, that amounts to higher taxes and more regulations. So it’s a better deal for Democrats, lobbyists, and special interests who benefit from higher taxes and bigger government.

Seeing as all those things will come at your expense, it’s never going to be a better deal for you, even if you sign up on one of the victim-class club lists posted by the gate, outside the walled pavilion where the progressive slogan-writers and liberal luminaries do the people’s work.

The people’s work. That’s it!

‘For the People.’ Their new slogan is (seriously) For the People. But if you’ve been paying attention, the first question is which people because you know it isn’t you. But it is a question to which you already know the answer if you’ve been paying attention.

The answer is Illegal immigrants. Unaccompanied minors (which include military age foreign nationals). Refugees from countries that hate us. MS-13 gang members. Blue collar workers who are not white. Gays, Blacks, Latinos, and Women but only if they support the entire far left socialist Democrat agenda. Feminists who toe the line on trans women (see also men) invading women-only sports and (formerly) private spaces. People willing to sell their votes for an unsatisfying subsistence lifestyle of Government handouts controlled by Democrats.

Those are the people.

Sure, they will talk big about employers, workers, families, all of whom they hate but need because the free stuff has to be paid for by someone and it ain’t gonna be them.

So, it is all just another lie. They don’t trust you. They can’t. The agenda demands the legalized theft of your property, your labor, and a regulatory regime and police powers to keep you from curtailing their “legalized” plunder.

Let’s face it; if the Democrat Party were capable of truth, their slogan would be ‘We Hate You.’ #WeH8u #ButWeNeedYour S**T2018.

But Democrats can’t run on honesty.

Yes, the recent spate of fringy truth bombs from the left about loving socialism is refreshing (the way rotting meat wafting up from the shore on a warm ocean breeze is refreshing) but there’s no truth beyond that. Socialism’s failures are the result of its advocates. Flawed beings with the additional burden of being drawn toward power and control. It ends in disaster benefiting only a few at the top who raped the nation and hid the spoils.

Human beings are incapable of taking control of everything so they can then be in control of nothing. There is no final step to utopia unless it is freedom from it through death which every socialist democrat government ever conceived has been willing to impart on dissenters in the name of justice. It is also why they are so keen to support “assisted suicide.” If you give up and do the work for them, it’s easier on everyone.

You should never let them”drive” your government or your economy unless the plan is to drive it into the ground. That is where their promises take you.

HIgher taxes, more regulation, selective application of law (always to their political advantage).

I think it would be refreshing if they just went with an old leftwing saw like ‘You Didn’t build that.’ Or, ‘Violence is the answer,’ which we know to be true, not just from looking at socialist experiments throughout history but Democrat party behavior over the last two years.

Instead, we got ‘For the People’ at least until the next meeting when they discover that’s not fooling anyone either. Unless it does.

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