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CNHT Taxpayer Family Reunion Picnic – the Advocacy groups

CNHTOr non-profits.  Or special interest groups.  Whatever you wish to call them, right or left, people have interests and these groups are the essence of what de Tocqueville was so amazed about when he toured America back in the 1830s – the ease and speed in which ordinary Americans voluntarily banded together to solve a problem without government needing to get involved.  This has been part of the hallmark of American Exceptionalism – people governing themselves and doing for themselves and others without being told or outsourcing that interest to government.  Here are the groups:

603 Alliance: Jim Kofalt


Jerry Delemus Presidential Pardon: Diane Bitter

Camp Constitution: Hal Shurtleff

Granite State Taxpayers: Dan McQuire

Liberty Ballot: Max Abramson

NH Right to Know: Harriet Cady

School Choice NH: Michelle Levell

SDGANH: Jody Underwood


Full Disclosure: I am on the Board for this group)

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