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CNHT Taxpayer Family Reunion Picnic – The video!

CNHTActually, a whole bunch of videos – 32 to be exact.  That’s a lot of candidates and advocacy group that made their pitch to the assembled “family” members who were plentiful on Saturday (yes, it took me a day to process them.  Please note that “backups” were used to stitch things together as best as possible as sometime techie things didn’t quit go right as planned – apologies in advance). But hey, this is one of the main missions of the ‘Grok in doing the citizen journalism that the mainstream media refuses to do.

So, let’s start in the middle of the event and go right to the Chairman of CNHT’s first address to the crowd – Voter Fraud:

And we’ll circle back to the beginning of the event with the intro ceremonies including opening remarks by Keith Hanson, radio personality and host at WNTK (and now, a new Grokster!):

Trust me – much more to come!

And yes, it’s loud and raucous during the event so sorry for the volume levels and “stray” conversations.  It IS Old Home Day for Conservatives and while it may be viewed as impolite, it’s normal as conservative activists, to be perfectly blunt and honest, are there to talk to their friends in the movement and listening to the speakers is, well, optional and secondary in many cases. Thus, even with shotgun mics on the cameras, there will be some video that might take a bit of “straining” to hear what’s being said.  I’m hoping that if things go well, GraniteGrok will have its own PA system that can assist CNHT and groups like them that don’t do events as a normal part of their activities (and do the job far better than the small Peavey amplifier shoved into use (and I looked – it had no output ports that we could have tapped into) ).