CNHT Taxpayer Family Reunion Picnic – the NH State Senate candidates edition

CNHTFive (out of the possible 24 NH State Senate District) candidates showed up (listed alphabetically):

  • Gary Daniels is running for NH State Senate District 11.
  • Carla Gericke is running in NH State Senate District 20
  • Dan Hynes is running for NH State Senate District 9.
  • Bill Kuch is running for NH State Senate District 16.
  • Ruth Ward is running for NH State Senate District 8.

Here is Gary – the others are after the jump.

There were a number of no-shows (although Bob Guida (District 2), while absent, at least sent in a Letter to be read).  Which left the following no-shows:






David Starr (District 1), Jeb Bradley, Steve Steiner (District 3), Patrick Lozito (District 5), James Gray (District 6), Harold French (my State Senator in District 7), Terry Wolf (running against Dan Hynes in District 9), Dan LeClair (District 10), Kevin Avard, Richard Dowd (District 12), David Schoneman (District 13), Charon Carson (District 14), Pam Ean (District 15), Dave “The Bar Drunk” Boutin (running against Bill Kuch in District 16, and yes, I gotta find those videos of Boutin again), John Reagan (District 17), George Lamber (District 18, Regina Birdsell (District 19)

Sidenote: Absence aside, if you see Regina, PLEASE give her a big thumbs up for HB1264 being Constitutional!  Now, Gov. Chris Sununu has no excuse to not sign this anti-voter fraud bill!

Micro-Update: Started this post yesterday – Sununu did sign it as I heard him say so himself on the Howie Carr show driving home from Concord after interviewing another CD-1 candidate for endorsement potential.

Peter Macdonald (District 21), Chuck Morse (District 22), Bill Gannon (District 23), and Dan Innis (District 24)

And yes, the NH GOP has no candidate in District 4.

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