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The First thing That Comes to Mind When Democrats Denounce Maxine Waters

Red Hen Restaurant VirginaYesterday I reported (again) on the lack of civility and false civility among far-left Democrats. The most recent examples are protesters driving Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of a restaurant followed by Maxine Waters suggesting the left make a habit of this anywhere they find members of Trump’s team.

Nothing new, except perhaps the honesty about what they’ve always wanted and for which they continue to strive.

They don’t just want to silence your words and ideas. They’d prefer to keep you out of the public eye altogether.

Again, nothing new.

Unless you have a very short memory the sort of people Maxine is”recruiting” are already on the job. They showed up to disrupt events before the election. They attacked Trump supports. Many of them joined or supported Antifa violence. More than a few tossed eggs at attendees of Inguaral night events.

Every college campus is chock full of them shutting down anyone with whom they disagree. And the college administrators help whenever they can.

Nothing new. Not really.

So it is no surprise that Mad Maxine has doubled and tripled down. She has done this because she is a true patron of the far-left. And she represents a distrcit where she may serve until she chooses not to and when a liberal has no fear they show you who they really are.

The other far-left liberals are not necessarily as fortunate. But that does not mean they do not agree with Maxine. Often they simply ignore the left’s obession with intimidation tactics and destruction. They accept any potential benefits while providing cover by saying nothing. By refusing to acknolwdge it. By never denouncing it. By ignoring calls for them to speak against it. And thanks to a media that never challenges them they can avoid being pressured to live up to the standards they demand from everyone else.

This time around Maxine has made it difficult to ignore. So much so that we may even find a New Hampshire Demcorats squeak out a word or two but don’t hold your breath.

Instead, troll Facebook and Twitter looking for their support for Maxine before they sobrer up from their ideological hatred-high and delete it. Find it, share it, enjoy the fallout.

So what about that title up there at the top of this post? As it suggests, even when Democrats dare to step forward and suggest that Maxine’s remarks may be off the rails, this is the first thing that comes to my mind when they open their mouths to speak.