The Totalitarian impulse did not die with the Soviet Union - Granite Grok

The Totalitarian impulse did not die with the Soviet Union

Antifa- we will tread

I think that the entirety of the modern American Left’s agenda can be summarized in the words of Theodore Dalrymple, who notes,

The totalitarian impulse did not die with the Soviet Union, but rather fractured into many different monomanias. The freedom that many people desire is the freedom to limit other people’s freedom, which they find much more gratifying than the mere expression of their own opinion, which has at most the effect of throwing a pebble into a pond, causing a ripple that soon disappears and is forgotten. Surely I am more important than that, and my opinion deserves to dictate to others?

Who among us does not see this in motion as the progressive experiment uses David Hogg to silence longtime ideological rival, Laura Ingraham? Which Skip notes, referencing the same source but a different author is much more likely to be successful if you flinch.

If you have a job, they’ll try to get you fired. If you have a reputation, they’ll try to tarnish it. If you have a business venture, they’ll try to bankrupt it. If you have an online presence, they’ll try to get you banned from all platforms.

Even inanimate objects (flags or statues for example) are not safe from the left’s freedom to limit other people’s freedoms.

But words are by far the biggest bugbears, tossed about as they are in lines or groups to construct ideas to which the left is inherently intolerant. That would be any idea which opposes their ideas especially the freedom to limit other people’s freedoms.

All of which stems from a brand of politics held near and dear to progressives.

Whatever else may be said about Marxism, it provided (for those who needed it) an eschatological philosophy in a post-religious world. It served more than one psychological purpose: It gave those who adhered to it the comforting feeling that they understood the inner or hidden workings of the world; that they were far superior in this understanding to those who did not adhere to it; and that they were participating in something far bigger than themselves. In short it gave them a sense, or illusion, of transcendence.

You’d just like to be left alone, but as Skip so often reminds us, they will make you care, which is to say you will allow them their dispensations, hypocrisies, and indulgences while they deny you all of yours.

And no, it is not in their nature to recede. In the face of complete rejection, they doubled down because they have to fight for their illusion.  An illusion that views government as the tool of their ideological salvation. There can be no other. And you are a blasphemer for suggesting freedoms which it has not granted. Freedoms which did not come to you by birth but through privilege, deceptions, or abuses which only the State may remedy.

And they will not stop until they have fully exercised their “freedom to limit your freedoms.

But you can slow them down. You need to speak up, get out, and vote to keep them out of office while you still can.

They thought, with Obama, that they had pushed the envelope far enough that it could self-perpetuate but they didn’t plan for Trump and the country class rebellion.

If you give them the power, they won’t make that mistake again.