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Forward is the New Backward

Taxes and Democrats The pledge politics lie and broad based taxesReality thy name is payroll tax cut, or more to the point the absence of same.  That’s right, the federal government will no longer be subsidizing your lifestyle.  The “holiday” is over.  They are taking back that which is theirs.  And all of our paychecks are going down as a result.

Effective January 1st the payroll tax rises from 4.2% to 6.2%.  That hits everyone.  And there is a lesson to be learned here if liberals, and people who refuse to pay attention, pay attention.  That 2% subsidy you just lost–that is what the Democrats call it when they don’t tax rich people, business owners, or oil companies, a subsidy–really is your money, just like it really does belong to everyone else who goes to work or runs a business or takes on investment risk.

It is your property. It belongs to you.  You earned it.  But the Democrats need it to pay for more government.  They want you to believe that the absence of that theft by the state is actually a gift, a credit, a subsidy, even a hand out.  In reality it is nothing more than a burglar who has not yet figured out how to carry all your property away for their own purposes;  a mugger who leaves you with the shirt on your back; a politician who has spent so much that taxing all of it would not be enough to pay it off, nibbling at the edges while they look for a way to take bigger bites.

This payroll tax thing is a serious wake-up-call for the left and people who buy into the whole Democrat narrative about taxes.  The entire middle class just got dope-slapped by the Democrat controlled Senate with a bill that was signed into law by Barack Obama.  No one in government thought to save us from this tax increase so now we will all earn less.

Sorry.  It’s not really a tax increase just because we are paying more in taxes.

But why complain.  It is not, after all, our money.  Ask a Democrat.  They will tell you.  We didn’t build that.   It belongs to the government.  We should be happy they let us keep that little bit more for as long as we did.  We could just stay home and collect support from them, right?  Live under their yoke, by their leave.  We didn’t have to try and live better than that.  What nerve we must have to want more than subsistence living.  To want more than the state can provide for us.

Our punishment for such ‘greed’  is to do our patriotic duty and live on less so the government can spend more.  That is what we voted for (twice).  Now we get to live with it.

Everyone who collects a paycheck gets to live with it.  And you know what?  Get used to it.  It’s still not even close to enough to pay for all the government we elected.

Forward is the New backward. (Same as the old Forward, by the way, but no on listened to us when we warned you.)