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As the Un-Aborted Celebrate Forty Years Of Aborting…

I have already observed, on several occasions, the professional lefts efforts to perpetrate a prevailing media narrative about the sorry state of higher education, the “crumbling” mental health apparatus and our inadequately funded alcohol awareness and treatment programs.  They are doing this to fertilize the budgetary soil for the necessary tax and spending increases required to (they would argue) help alleviate the growing injustice of under-educated, alcohol abusers, with a side order of mental health issues, that only an increase in state-managed taxpayer dollars can possibly resolve.

Well I am here to help.  With one wave of my blogging wand I will “educate” the people on how we can reduce the prevalence of “mental health issues” and “alcohol abuse” in the Granite State (or anywhere), without more spending or taxes, all the while mocking the motley cabal of un-aborted, specula-wielding, would-be-tax-increasing left-wing harpies and their policy-cuckolded camp followers, who have been celebrating four decades of “legally” clawing defenseless unborn children out of women’s wombs.

Let me begin by quoting,……me.

A recent study published by Great Britain’s Royal College of Psychiatrists (H/T Alveda King Blog) includes data collected from 22 studies, conducted over 14 years, involving over 887,000 women, of which at least 166,831 had abortions.  The results? Eighty-one percent of women (81%) who have had abortions suffer an increased risk of severe mental health problems.

The report is quoted as stating that

 “…post-abortive women are 37% more likely to suffer depression, 110% more likely to engage in higher alcohol use, and 155% more likely to engage in suicidal behavior. “

(The entire post can be found here.)

That is some extensive, I believe the left calls it Science.  It suggests that by supporting and promoting abortion the left is effectively increasing the odds that more women will need counseling, be at risk for alcohol abuse, and prone to suicidal behavior.

(/war on women)

The solution?   Seeing as one doth beget the other, we could reduce the number of women who might find themselves suffering from mental-health issues, alcohol abuse, depression or suicide by suggesting alternatives that reduce or eliminate the need or number of abortions.  This would then save taxpayers money by requiring less of our wages (which Democrats demand we use) to pay for abortions on one side and (fewer or lower taxes Democrats demand to pay for) mental health and alcohol abuse issues on the other.

I told you I was here to help.  Spending cut, taxes lowered, women and children saved, and less government.  Where’d I leave my cape?

I’d hint at some other preventive measures regarding the culture but most of the leftists will not have been able to see past the bit about “the motley cabal of un-aborted, specula-wielding, would-be-tax-increasing left-wing harpies,” and will be too busy penning retorts on their spittle splattered keyboards to have even gotten to the bit where another one of their ideas is to social policy what ditch digging is to Keynesian economics–except that the ditch they are digging is tax-payer funded abortion and the ditch they are trying to fill in is taxpayer funded social services to repair the fragile remnants of the psyche’s of women who fell for the lefts obsession with abortion.

And look! There’s the headline for the rebuttal: “Right wing misogynist calls women a bunch of ditches.”

Who says I don’t reward those who read on to the end?

All we need now is for the Democrats who swear on the graves of over 50 million aborted babies, that they really do care about women’s health, to step back from the murderous false-freedom of abortion and the donation dollars and support that go with toeing the liberal line, long enough to ask themselves if they really do give a damn or if it’s just about the politics.

And actions speak louder than lies.


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