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Kids children writing school learning

More Science That Says Kids Should All Be Back in School

Every time I read the NH Union Leader’s Tag line, I laugh. The state’s “biggest” newspaper reminds us that “There is nothin as Powerful as Truth.” How about not reporting it? That’s pretty powerful and has become the rule rather than the exception among New Hampshire “media.”

COVID worship

Destroying Society Won’t Stop COVID

A funny thing happened on the way to the second lockdown. Someone realized that COVID didn’t give a rat’s ass about your masks and distancing. That’s probably because, as we’ve reported ad nauseum, neither of those does a damn thing.

Biden Needs to Debate

Biden Needs to Debate Trump

Biden’s mental state appears to vacillate between confusion and belligerence. His mental faculties are front and center. The status of the Presidential debates is now in question. Why would any presidential candidate duck free air time unless he had something to hide?