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Biden Needs to Debate

Biden Needs to Debate Trump

Biden’s mental state appears to vacillate between confusion and belligerence. His mental faculties are front and center. The status of the Presidential debates is now in question. Why would any presidential candidate duck free air time unless he had something to hide?


Why Fishing Can Benefit the Mind and Body in Tough Times

There is no question; current events will have taxed the most resilient of individuals, no matter what their age. Even with some restrictions lifting, it can be stressful wondering how best to cope with getting back out there while staying healthy and safe in New Hampshire. One of the best ways is through fishing. While …

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Guns, Libs, and Truth Bombs

I’ve said this before but probably not recently. It relates to one of the primary reasons why Democrats hate private gun ownership. Or, at least my armchair psychology opinion on the matter. A theory based on years of observations.

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Op-Ed – I Implore you, Governor Sununu, OPEN NH!

Two nights ago I walked into my bedroom to find my 16-year-old daughter sitting cross-legged, hunched over on my bed, tears running down her pale face, sobs coming out of her mouth. She doesn’t want to go on with school work, communicating, or with life in general.

Of Harpies and Hoplophobes

The Bloomberg Harpies and Hoplophobes are at it again. “Ravenous Gun Culture?” Who in the heck thought that descriptor up? [insert laughy faces here…three]. That descriptor is the best I have seen all year! Merriam Webster defines, “Ravenous,” as,” extremely hungry, assuming one is talking about food. I don’t think that is accurate.