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Will Terie Norelli And The Democrats Try To Ban My Refrigerator?

My Fridge has a modified magzine in it
Will Demcrats try to ban my ‘Fridge because its got a modified magazine in it?

I think it is appropriate to add this picture (right) to Susan Olsen’s post.  The one with the Journalist’s Guide To Firearm’s Identification.’

This is my refrigerator door.  It was modified by the manufacturer to accommodate an extra magazine capable of holding all manner of ‘lethal’ ordinance.  Soda.  Beer.  Water, in those earth destroying plastic bottles, paid for with a plastic card, slid through a device made of plastic, carried home in plastic shopping bags and yes…that fridge door modification is made of plastic.

And we all know how dangerous plastic is, and soda, and drunk driving, and yes that is beer.  And beer leads to all kinds of bad decisions including those of the relationship variety, which put a massive strain on the arc of our health care existence, and require the state to force everyone to fund contraception, and easy-outs for unwanted pregnancies, even if they need to violate religious freedoms to do it, because sluts vote before or after the beer (wine, hard lemonade, shots, or fruity drinks) and wake up hung over and bleary-eyed next to a Republican (Lord help us) with a little “RINO” in the oven.

If left to its own devices that little treasure will grow up and go to public a public school where no one but criminals will be allowed to carry firearms even if the Democrats manage to convince the other bobble-heads to ban assault weapons or any other sort, because the very nature of law breakers is to engage in the act or acts of breaking laws of which gun bans are but one.

And while some folks are nodding their own heads as the pols and talking heads banter on ad -nauseam for the immediate regulation of “firearms” they can neither identify, quantify, or describe, and whose use is less a threat than that claimed for obesity (evil soda) and alcohol (ruins families, friends, property, people, and lives), when the winds of crisis governance are blowing a different direction,  my refrigerator is as likely a candidate for further legislative oversight and regulation as anything else because it is not really about assault weapons or soda or even children.

If Democrats and liberals really cared about children they’d be against abortion which kills children.

This is about growing government and centralizing power and we have to excuse them their furrowed brows and chest pounding diatribes because this is a regulatory crime of passion and no one should be held responsible for what they do under such duress.

Not the best way to run a government.  But it is a great way to lose control of one.

So while my fridge magazine is fully loaded today, and my choice of ordinance is still up to me, the left has already made it known that they do not approve, and are simply waiting for a convenient Kodak moment of crisis to dramatize for the sole purpose of advancing the regulatory state, which they will then (by the way) insist that you pay for, no matter how far fetched their social math might be.

And even though the war against women would be better met by women less likely to have to ask what they would do if impregnated as a result or rape or incest, because an armed woman is much less likely to find herself a casualty of that front in the war, the left will insist that they make themselves victims because of real tragedies amplified to advance an anti gun agenda rather than to promote an agenda of self defense.

Have you noticed that these lunatics always end their assaults the minute someone arrives with the ability to apply equal or greater force in defense of life?  Imagine if they suspected for a moment that there were already people in that building able and willing to use equal or greater force in defense of life?

Democrats would be talking about something else, possibly obesity, or contraception, or abortion, maybe even about refrigerators.  But banning firearms would be waiting on the shelf for a suitable tragedy.  One that could only be lessened or prevented if perpetrators could not be guaranteed a force advantage, the same one that the same Democrats hope to give them and then some, if they are allowed to have their way.

So who needs a beer?


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