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   “While Obama, the olive-branch poseur, has called for a restoration of ‘civility’ in Washington and liberal elites whine and whinny about the need for ‘no labels,’ class-warfare demagoguery has metastasized unchecked…”    Michelle Malkin 

Shrill. The word of this week. Instead of a movie theater or university campus, the Massacre was visited upon a grade school where children were utterly and defenselessly gunned down. Slaughtered. Literally overwhelmed by the power of a nut.

In the last forty years, the anti-gun debate arguments have remained the same. Totally unchanged. There exists no new or novel or compelling arguments. Only the zombie-like mantras, lies and confabulations from the anti-gun crowd, loudened only by the emotional crescendos of the willing dupes in the  liberal anti-gun lame stream media.

What has changed in the last forty years is gun ownership. More law-abiding citizens have taken to owning and carrying guns. This is the natural progression of any society where Police, “Owe no duty to its citizens to protect them from criminals. As stated in Warren v. District of Columbia, 442 A 2d. 1, D.C. Ct. of Ap. (1981) and Castle Rock v. Gonzalez, 545 U.S. 748 (2005).  “When seconds count, the Police are just minutes away.” has become a well-known cliché.

Women. Women now emerge as the fastest growing gun owner-segment in our society. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, only about eight states had some reasonable provisions of licensed concealed carry of guns for citizens. Now, thirty-five states have them.

Despite more guns, more carrying of guns, and more poeple with guns, crime plummeted. Well-known statistics show us that states with the most restrictive gun laws have the highest rates of violent crime from sources such as FBI and CDC…to the embarrassment of anti-gun liberals. “Oh how all that data is so flawed, they cry….yeah, “Bollocks!”

We had a 10-year assault weapons ban that did absolutely nothing and made no difference in crime data statistics.  Most massacres are carried out with handguns, yet we had an assault weapons ban. “Machine Guns…” Liberal anti-gun folks love that. No data exists where a fully automatic weapon was used to carry out a massacre other than the North Hollywood Bank Robbery Shoot-out in 1997.

Despite this plethora of data, information, change and societal shift, the one single constant has been the anti-gun left who simply want to see law-abiding citizens disarmed. This from the same cadre who are so soft on crime and criminality, oppose the death penalty and stiff sentences, all of which finds its pretext in “rehabilitation.”

The only accountability the anti-gun left seeks is that of law-abiding citizens. And law-abiding citizens do not need to be armed, they continue to tell us. The criminals, however, are ignored.

In the wake of the Newtown Connecticut Massacre, the anti-gun left wasted no time acting as if God himself handed them manna from heaven. And if that was not enough, the Chinese Communists stuck their beaks into U.S. domestic affairs.  Xinhua, the Chinese Government News Agency demands the US forthwith adopt stricter gun control laws to reduce the number of firearms in the US.  The Chi-Coms then went on to scold America expressing its dislike for the National Rifle Association and condemned the Republican party as complicit in this recent violent act.

Leagues of Senate and Congressional hacks also broke out the Garlic and Oak crosses at the mere mention of the NRA and the second amendment.

Liberal Social media was not only abuzz, but awash with posts for NRA members and the NRA President to be killed; NRA and their family members to be shot; President of the NRA to be killed.  One University of Rhode Island Professor Dr. Erik Loomis, “Wants Wayne LaPierre’s Head on a stick” 

In the Granite State, the Portmouth Herald took aim at Senator Kelly Ayotte accusing her of caring nothing about, “kids being shot in the[sic] face” Ayotte, a former NH Attorney General who secured the death penalty for a cop Killer.

The Obfuscation is even more profound. Liberal posts ask, “What size and power of guns would you limit?” These arguments are, “ex nehilo,” providing fodder for the “emote class.” A new cultural class has thus emerged: The, “No-Guns Emo” class.

The whole topic of “Assault Weapons” (the chic misnomer commonly used by the journalismanista to describe a semi-automatic black rifle whose appearance is scary to them) was asleep until this tragic event, save for the anti-gun true believers.

Prior to this mass murder, all of Nancy Lanza’s legally-owned, legally possessed arms were in fact, lawfully and safely used until her nutjob son changed the whole equation, sparking the fraudulent national “conversation” on Black scary guns.

Nancy Lanza’s firearms did not change. They had the same power, same weight, same ammunition and the same use legally until spiralling-down mental illness and those firearms collided.

The liberal lame stream media wants to keep this conversation alive and kicking, focusing only and exclusively on the gun.  National Conversation? Not so much,  When it comes to reason, logic and rationale, “Elvis has left the building.”

So, what really is all of this? If any Republican…or any NRA Member posted on the Social Media interfaces, “All anti-gun liberals should be killed,” There would be a twelve-man SWAT Team breaking down his door five minutes before the post went viral. The 24-hour news cycle would have weeks long footage about, “the extremist right-wing whacko who threatened to kill people.”  Alas! a new nutjob poster boy for the NRA.  The NRA remained silent for a full week in the wake of the shooting. Liberals called them cowards,. When they spoke up, Liberals called them cowards. Blaming the NRA and its members for the massacre, as misplaced as it is, is the order of the day. It is their ablution. Meanwhile, Lawmakers and other liberal public pablum-pukers called Wayne LaPierre’s statements, “disgusting.”

Ultimately, the lame stream media, complicit with the anti-second amendment collective, seeks full control of the public debate. When the NRA and others won’t play by their rules and right into their hands, spoiled child-like temper tantrums ensue, lashing out at the NRA and its members.

The shrill anti-gun cadre breeds the manipulation through the template of hyper-emotionality. The best description I have seen yet comes from The Economist on December 17, where they wrote,

 “Indeed, it’s most convenient for media purposes when such tragedies are truly ‘senseless’; it lends them a nicely wistful aura, and makes it easier for the grief-performing public to spin them in whatever creative fashion they like…”

Few speak of the complicity of the media. If some societal monster wants to live in infamy, the news media is a reliable partner in that effort. And in exchange for ratings, they are all too happy to oblige.

But Really? Since the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre, gun retailers are having trouble keeping up with the demand for “scary black semi-automatic rifles amid the specter of a coming assault weapons ban. NRA memberships are surging and donations to the NRA are surging. The very notion of these things unhinges the left and that is what drives the shrillness. The bullhorn Brigade.

They want you to think they are winning. They are not. America still has a Second Amendment and the vast majority of Americans still support that second amendment. Debates on what one needs or does not need for firearm ownership is straw logic because when people agree one is needed and another is not, the conversational interloper will then argue no need. Its a trap. Welcome to Australia!  and the UK light.

Likewise, Americans want strict criminal accountability while these same liberals are soft on crime, oppose death penalties and dumb down our courts, prison systems and laws with principles that perpetuate recidivism.

I say let the liberals think they are winning, all the while lawfully purchased firearms will be sailing off the shelves and the unnerved populace will be driven to the NRA and Gun Owners of America as their advocates to keep their constitutional freedoms and liberties, instead of being blamed for societal wrongs created by nutty liberals who are soft on crime.  Shrill…use the word…the Bullhorn Brigade cometh…