There is a reason Obama didn't want Obamacare really implemented until after the election - Granite Grok

There is a reason Obama didn’t want Obamacare really implemented until after the election

Just got this via email – names taken off to protect the screwed:

I just got my Open Enrollment Package from my company’s Human Resources Dept. I guess I should have been more aware of how Obamacare will impact me on 1/1/13. Well my paycheck will be significantly smaller. Not only did my health and dental insurance premiums increase 10% (yes the insurance companies are passing along those fees they have to pay for Obamacare), my Medicaid withholding is going up because Obama thinks I’m not Middle Class, my Flexible Spending Account is slashes in half from $5,000 to $2,500 (that’s about $1,250 the gov’t will get instead of my family being able to use towards my large healthcare deductible of $4,500) and lastly, forget about deducting any medical expenses on your taxes as the amount you have to exceed goes from 7.5% to 10% of your Adjusted Gross Income. I now see why the Supreme Court called it a TAX when Obama campaigned on it not being a tax. Yeah Right. Up the A$& of the American People.

I just had open enrollment at my company – I have the same sour taste in my mouth.  If Progressives believe that Govt HAS to help people, trust me, this ain’t it.  Such a nice deal from President Obama, US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Let us NOT forget the NH politicians that have given us this raw deal: US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (who started this nonsense with her SB 711), former US House Rep. Paul Hodes, and former US House Rep Carol SEIU-Porter.