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Attempt to Cover up Naive, Dangerous, Failed Obama Policies

For weeks President Obama and his top aides lied to us, claiming the events in the Middle East on 9-11 were caused by a movie that few people even knew about.   Those claims were attempts to cover up President Obama’s failed Middle East policies that strengthen terrorists, comfort our enemies, and are bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war.   

For years Democrats told us that killing Osama would destroy al-Qaeda and win the war on terror.  The 9-11 attacks exposed that obvious falsehood. 

President Obama refused requests for assistance for the real democracy revolution in Iran that would have helped stabilize the Middle East and end Iran’s aid to enemies that kill American soldiers. 

President Obama supported the “Arab Spring”, falsely calling them democracy movements.    He called the Muslim Brotherhood, identified as a terrorist group for nearly 100 years, a peaceful, “mostly secular” organization.  False.       

President Obama called for Israel to surrender territory that would make their country indefensible.  He dillydallied as Iran’s nuclear threat grew.  He refused meetings with Israel’s Prime Minister who faces frequent Palestinian rockets and hostile Iranian nuclear threats.  President Obama’s policies make the Middle East increasingly dangerous.       

On 9-11, people that Obama helped overthrow Mubarak and Khadafy returned the favor by over-running our embassy in Egypt, burning our Consulate in Benghazi, and killing our Ambassador and three other Americans.     

By falsely blaming these planned terrorist acts on a movie, President Obama’s and his administration’s apologies, even in ads in Pakistani TV, informed the world about this movie and gave terrorists excuses for riots and killings.

Now the State Department confirms that the movie had NOTHING to do with the attacks. 

Benghazi has been a hotbed for terrorists.  Over 200 attacks in the last 18 months drove the British, the International Red Cross, and others to close their offices.  Despite two previous attacks this year on our Consulate, repeated warnings and the approach of 9-11, Obama’s administration denied requests for extra security.  Americans died because President Obama has a fairytale, rather than real, view of the Middle East.       

The Obama administration lied about the attacks, excused terrorism, attacked free speech, threw the film maker in jail, and offered aid to countries that burned our buildings and harmed Americans.    President Obama’s response encourages future terrorist attacks.           

President Obama’s failed policies have emboldened radicals dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the Unites States, exchanged old with new oppressive governments, and created a more dangerous environment for citizens, travelers, and a world facing nuclear war.  One wonders how many millions will die if there are four more years of President Obama’s policies?