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There is a difference between the Free Market and the Government Market

And TreeHugger decided to demonstrate that, with clueless irony, all on their own.  Yes, one more from TreeHugger that shows that Environmentalism has really left its roots of DOING environmental work and very much all about getting Big Government and its big teat (and very much, dependent on that teat) to do it instead as well as forcing lifestyle changes upon people that otherwise would not.  This time, trying to go all yammering that Republicans not supporting Govt supported jobs is hypocritical and ignoring the foundation of their illogic:

Siemens Lays Off 38% of US Workforce – Cites Lack of Wind Power Support Romney Favors

That wind power jobs and installations in the US rise and fall in line with federal tax policy for the renewable energy source is solidly established,…

You’d think after decades of watching the “ups and downs”, and being tax experts (as all Big Multinationals are), some would learn to not play the game.  Problem is, profits are to be made when the Government either directly or indirectly manages a marketplace via tax policy.  And the writer of the post is surprised at this?  Mere youngster that thinks history starts with his birth.  However, he yammers onward:

…with the wind industry long warning politicians that jobs will be lost if the wind power tax credit is allowed to expire—a position largely backed by Republicans in Congress barring those from states likely to be affected, as well as presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Now, in anticipation of the tax credit expiring at the end of the year, Siemens has announced that 615 employees will be laid off, a reduction of its US workforce of 38%. The layoffs will occur at plants in Iowa, Kansas, and Florida.

Well, when you dance in between the legs of the Government Elephant in the Room, sometimes the cost of business is getting stepped on.  For Siemens, that’s ok, there’s just more out there to do in other markets.  They obviously realize that without Government support, there is no market.  Govt Markets (versus Free Markets) – plain as the fact that Watermelons are Green on the outside and Red (and that does not stand for Republican) on the inside.

Well, one commenter had the brains to realize one fact – but spent that currency all in the first line.  Everything else was downhill from there:

Most civilizations fall from within. While it doesn’t look like our sitting president can rally the elected officials, it appears mostly because the Republicans want to dismantle any forward progress President Obama has made in this country. I expect if Mr. Romney gets elected the EPA mileage requirement will be dismantled and American auto manufacturers can continue to be known as making only gashogs. Then they’ll complain that unfair trade practices won’t let them sell said gashogs elsewhere. Later, when nobody here can afford the fuel, they’ll go bankrupt again. Advanced technology companies will fail or move overseas because the fossil fuel industry will have (already, it seems) had too much of a say in energy policy and our recession will deepen. On the bright side, Mr. Romney will get to live high on the hog in the largest ghetto ever created by dishonest men.

So, I left a wee bit of snark for him:

Right – ONLY the government can make the right decisions for industrial policy. I have a question: if all of the Government bureaucrats put their pants on the same way that we in Society do, what makes them so special in setting new regulations that determine how we are to live our lives?

It is both amusing and infuriating that these truly insufferable desk jockeys so self-assured incompetent that they believe they alone of the keys to what makes Society more efficient and just.  It never enters their heads that perhaps that they JUST don’t have all the answers.  And those to whom the slightest doubt enters their mind concerning this factoid?  The fact that they just plow ahead makes them complicit in taking away choices away from Society.

What IF people want bigger cars to, you know, have all their family members with them in a single trip – which a doubling of the CAFE standards may eliminate? Or at the least, make the cars that can be made more dangerous to ride in (if people can even afford them)?

If the gashogs are unsellable other places, then they deserve to go out of business (instead of being propped up by Government that will lose money on the deal AND break the Rule of Law in doing so just to reward their Big Labor supporters). BTW, high tech (and other) firms ARE moving offshore because electrical costs (among other variables) are skyrocketing as Obama is making coal companies bankrupt (just as he promised).

And I could not let his last comment, so drearily dripping with classism, go without a last smack:

And the last remark – pull up yer pants, ghetto-boy, your ideology is showing

Observation: notice that Big Enviros never castrate their revered Big Companies for putting their employees at risk for engaging in risky Govt business?  Instead, they go after the Conservatives who believe that Free Markets (though in reality, we seemingly have very few of them anymore) that are threats to their Government centered lives.  Wouldn’t it be better, if they are so darn gosh concerned with the now redundant employees, to storm the Gates of Siemens and demand that they stick with markets in which long term wealth can be generated instead of being propped up by will-o-the-wisp Government policies?

After all, look at the expansion of wealth that Facebook, Google, and Apple created for shareholders and employees (and given some of the amounts, now ex-employees).