Which Utopian Democrat Dream-Scam Is Failing Faster? - Granite Grok

Which Utopian Democrat Dream-Scam Is Failing Faster?

Facepalm - Which Progressive Utopia will fail firstWhich Utopian dystopian Democrat dream-Scam is failing faster?

In Cah-Lee-Four-Knee-Ah the Workers paradise is collapsing at an ever increasing rate as the anchor of unsustainable public union contracts and pensions drag otherwise average, every-day, incompetently run, but barely sustainable left wing bureaucrapalities (bureaucratically strangled municipalities run by an endless string of administrators and political descendents of the Democrat bloodline) into bankruptcy.

In Obamaville, the chronically unemployed can look up from the gutters of Hopey-changey Way to watch the lights dim on an unending string of Solar Panel/Green Energy company failures as the DoE’s wasted-billions to prop up the Renewable Energy Utopia ding-bats like Jeanne Shaheen have oversight on, produce nothing but failure and rising debt service payments.

The missing link between these two is happily not missing.  And you cant blame George Bush.  These failures are both of products of Progressives, mostly Democrats, attempting to micromanage labor, its type, direction, output, and value.

Three California cities have declared bankruptcy in two weeks.  On the Green side too big to fail (Obama Buddy CEO Imelt’s) GE Primestar is managing its decline as the most recent in what may be a dozen Obama DoE new energy investments to produce broken dreams, layoffs, lost taxpayer billions, and years of interest payments, but nothing else.

This is the promise of the State managed economy.  This is what happens when you do not keep your business as private and local as possible.  Progressives on both sides get to thinking you don’t mind if they just step in and make choices for you.  And there are two important lessons if you have ears to hear.

First, it doesn’t work.  Second, with all this talk about outsourcing and off-shoring, we need to be reminded that once money goes to DC (taxed or printed, real or debt) it is no longer being invested in your town, county, state, or country unless their is some perceived political advantage.  Sending money to DC is off-shoring reality.  It is off-shoring liberty, freedom, responsibility, free markets and choice.

There is no utopia on earth, just greedy, agenda driven slavery at the hand of progressive busy-bodies bent on financing their endless string of failures with your property.

So what collapses first?  The faux-green energy utopia of the future.  Or the faux-reality of the debt-ridden Workers Paradise in California?