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Romney’s Tax Records And The Idiot Cabral

“Is being an idiot like being high all the time?”  —Janeane Garofalo

MSNBC‘s Michael O’Brien asserts, “Most Americans say Mitt Romney should release more of his tax returns,” citing a USA Today/Gallup Poll. So how many Americans is “most Americans?” According to the poll, 54%. Certainly, that is 4% more than half. But curiously, the margin of error citing in the poll is +/-5 percentage points, based on a national survey of 539 adults. Also in this poll, Forty-seven percent call the issue of releasing tax returns in general, “largely irrelevant...”

CNBC? Yeah..[insert yawn here] more of the same blather. CNBC adds this little morsel of info:

“While voluntary, presidential contenders have traditionally released their tax returns…” 

Voluntary…that word bears defining. According to, “Done, given, or acting of one’s own free will: “voluntary contributions”.” Ones’ own ‘free will’

I want to make sure I have this straight. Leftwing, lamestream, Obama-cheerleading news outlet bands together… They follow the Obama script, running countless story after story….sound byte after sound byte, from the likes of every left-wing anti-Romney diatribe spewing mouthpiece they can muster, DEMANDING that Mittens releases 10 years worth of tax returns? The endless stream of pablum-puking shrill hacks that can latch onto a microphone long enough to accuse Romney of hiding something?  That is observing the definition of voluntary? Just curious…looks like coercion to me….a lamestream media conspiracy, if you will.

Romney has released his tax returns. Still they say it isn’t enough. Romney could release  fifteen years worth and these idiots would use lie, confabulate distort and make them a central issue.

Seems like these idiots could save a boat-load of time by just saying, “Release unto us your Tax Returns, Governor….that way we can lie, distort and create fictions with efficiency.” I don’t blame them one bit. They really need this stuff. After all, Obummer cannot run a campaign based on his record. With the economy in the, ‘terlet”…record high joblessness and the ongoing class war, much deflection is needed. And How!

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made it that happen.”  Love that little gem. The statement provides the underlying concepts of Barack Obama’s worldview that outsourcing is evil, (except when he does it) versus the reality that outsourcing is a real world market function and a consequence of him and his ilk punishing American prosperity with taxes, regulations, labor union protectionism and class warfare.

Obama’s worldview seems also to suggest that free-market capitalism is immoral and punishes the poor, advocating for more nanny-state intervention and entitlements. Achievement of individuals and small businesses in antithetical to his version of America and cannot happen without the blessing of his progressivist leadership.

Obama cannot run on his record because it sucks and people are mad. Obama lies, Obama distorts and Obama’s record is shameful. I do hope Mitt keeps up his courage, unlike the other cowardly RINO’s in the GOP telling him to pony up the returns. Don’t hand them the ammunition.