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GrokTV Event – CNHT in review – The “Governors” edition!

When contemplating all of the videos, and doubtful that folks would want to see a post for each and every one, we’re going to follow a more functional approach.  This post contains all of the folks that spoke for the various candidates for NH Governor on the Republican & Libertarian tickets.

Sidenote: strange; I am betting that IF Jackie Cilley or Maggie Hassan (the two Democrat candidates) had shown up, Ed Naile would have immediately put them on the agenda.  After all, he IS a registered Democrat (just one that wants taxpayer monies spent wisely and that govt is as open, transparent, and above board as possible.

The speakers (in order of actually speaking at the event:

  • Jack Kimball for Ovide Lamontagne (Republican)
  • Betty Lamontagne for Ovide Lamontagne (Republican)
  • Kevin Smith (Republican)
  • John Barbiaz (Libertarian


Jack Kimball                                                           Betty Lamontagne


Kevin Smith                                                            John Barbiaz

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