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Obama Immigration Policy, Sans Consequences?

“Amnesty is a big billboard, a flashing billboard, to the rest of the world that we don’t really mean our immigration law.”  —Richard Lamm

One of the realities of life is having consequences  arising from the choices of others. Sad, but true. Except of course if you are an “illegal alien.” “Undocumented Immigrants” as liberals like to call them, is a misnomer. Fact is, it is “illegal” to enter the United States without submitting to a process to do so. So I prefer the term, “Crim-aliens”  If “undocumented immigrant is a logically correct term, than so is “unlicensed pharmacist” for a drug dealer. In that aversion to consequence,  it would appear that liberals like to massage terminology that aides them in fooling the sheeple.

So now, in his quest for votes…the means by which Obama seeks re-election by any means, is this latest feat, bypassing the process of congressional deliberation.

Countless thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children will be granted relief from the threat of deportation and will be able to obtain work authorization, following an edict issued by “King Obama.”

Is it fair that kids who were spirited here by their parents be deported? Few would argue that it is. On the other hand, this move only opens the flood gates of illegal immigration for many other lawbreakers seeking a better life for their children. Seeking a better life for the children? Nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but breaking the law to do just that is the, “ends that justifies the means,” argument.

The kids didn’t ask to come here. Most, probably were far too young to comprehend the illegal act of their parents. But now, the fact remains, it is an illegal act for which these kids will endure a consequence. This scenario is played out every day in life.

Obama is a Marxist…a liberal and most of all, a panderer. He simply did this to sure up some votes, given his slumping poll numbers and Mittens hot on his tail. Mittens is silent. He has said nothing about this. We should ask why.

I am an American Citizen because I was born here. I was born here because my great grandparents emigrated from Sweden in 1905. I know this as fact because, despite being 107 years ago, the paper trail still exists for their arrival. They played by the rules, followed the laws, came to America and didn’t go on any public dole. They worked hard, paid taxes and became naturalized American citizens.

Imagine your grandparents or other relatives submitting themselves to such a process only to find out later that your neighbors, who have the same citizenship status you now have, simply snuck across the border and remained for a time. Who is the sucker now? How about growing up your whole life then finding out that you are being kicked out of the only country you know as your home because your parents broke the law? Never mind that though because if you’re a liberal it is always somebody else’s fault