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G20 and Comrade Obama

“Collective states are constitutionally incapable of reliably producing anything but corpses.” —L. Neil Smith

Needing an economic boost, President Barack Obama goes to the G20 Summit in Mexico…hat in hand…looking for some commitments  from the European Leaders, trying to land assurances that Europe is fomenting a plan to bolster markets and prevent Europe’s challenges from sucking the rest of the world into its’ economic abyss. Hypocritically, Comrade Obama pressed the Euro-socialist leaders to hasten economic demand,  while the Europeans want Obama to promise the United States won’t fiscally tank at the close of 2012.

The topic on the skyline at the G-20 debate evolves around what nations can do to prop up job creation and foment consumer demand without spiralling further into debt…yet, what does Comrade Obama do? He tells them to spend, spend, spend  to grow, in addition to austere measures many feel they have been forced to. Can you say “Keynesian”?  Along the same thread as Paul Krugman on Sunday.

Lastly, who is Chairman Obama spending quality time with? Putin…. and of course, Chinese President Hu Jintao…Rightfully so, they have so much to talk about.