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Media Millions

While the 99% and the Democrats are bashing bankers for not sharing their wealth, take a look at the people running media and entertainment.  (Just to give you a baseline, the most well paid “banker” had 21 million in compensation in the same year.)

Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS Corp. (CBS), was paid $69.9 million in 2011. David Zaslav of Discovery Communications Inc. (DISCA) received $52.4 million, while Philippe Dauman at Viacom Inc. (VIA) was paid $43 million. Walt Disney Co. (DIS)’s Robert Iger got $31 million. Jeff Bewkes, at Time Warner Inc. (TWX), was paid $26 million in 2011. Even the top executives at Comcast Corp. (CMCSA), Brian Roberts and Steve Burke, received compensation of $27 million and $24 million, respectively, despite their pay being cut 13 percent and 32 percent, respectively, from the previous year.

I’m not begrudging them their “take.”  I think it’s great that they have become so successful.  And they answer to share holders and stake holders who are invested in their mutual success.  But what kind of perspective does is put on the debate when CBS is reporting on the evils of wealthy bankers when their CEO makes three times as much as the wealthiest banker?