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The Shrill Kathy on Political Weirdness

” The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct.” —Marcus Tullius Cicero

The Union Leader has given Ink to the Shrill Kathy Sullivan for yet another inane senseless rant.

Kathy SullivanI told my friend Steve Vaillancourt it might be a New Year’s Resolution to simply ignore her. But in ignoring her, I think a final analysis is in order.

For all of the useless Pablum The Shrill Kathy has written, she is never lost on attacking anybody with a “R” attached to their name. The Shrill Kathy never criticizes the asinine or silly policies of her liberal friends. The Shrill Kathy never details anything positive coming from the Democratic Party as a juxtaposition to conservatives or Republicans.

The Shrill Kathy quips,

I also hope that 2012 is a year in which common sense, and not ideology, return to center stage, both in New Hampshire and the country as a whole. That is the only statement arguing for common sense in the whole rant.

But the Shrill Kathy and her cohorts underestimate the intuitiveness and intelligence of we everyday schmucks. The later part of that sentence would suggest that ideology is driving Republicans, but not the leftists or Democrats. We already know that to be an utter lie, much less an untruth of reality.

Ideology is the driving force of all politics today. This is an unavoidable truth. There is as much rigidity and inflexibility on the left as there is on the right. The difference is I acknowledge it and the Shill Kathy lies about it and denies it, like the true charlatan she is.

There are those of us who call ourselves “conservatives” and neither apologize for, or hide from it. We call out our own, criticize our own and label them when appropriate. Something never seen from the likes of Shrill Kathy or her ilk.

And its not just the Shrill who does this. Of late, we have been treated to a steady diet of Debbie “Baloney” Shultz, another corrupt spin-meister.

If we line up all of the Shrill Kathy’s rants side by side, such writings are devoid of vision and policy articulation. If one single symbol epitomizes the Shrill it is the accusatory pointed finger. And that is hardly helpful at all where most working stiffs tend to be less idiologically inclined. People vote issues, their wallets and common sense. Show me where any of that exists in anything the Shrill has written in the last year.