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Kristin Ruggiero Ex-boyfriend Gets State Prison

“It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.” —Buddha

Last Friday, The Union Leader’s Jim Kimble reported that #KristinRuggiero ex-boyfriend #BrendanBisbee received a 2 to 4-year state prison sentence for his role in trying to have Kristin’s ex-husband Jeff Ruggiero jailed. Amidst speculation that Bisbee might receive a suspended sentence and probation, Kristin’s mother Elizabeth “Kim” McDonald still faces charges, along with Jeff Ruggiero’s estranged brother Daniel.

Brendan Bisbee was a ten-year veteran of the Barre Massachusetts Police Department. Now, Brendan Bisbee is commorant of the New Hampshire State Prison. Bisbee received a two to four-year sentence in state prison following his October 21 conviction on five counts of perjury; for his role in the conniving, lying, and bad behavior of his ex-girlfriend Kristin Ruggiero, when he perjured himself during both the investigation and at her May 2009 trial.

Kristin Ruggiero framed her ex-husband Jeff Ruggiero, having him jailed for threats she alleged came from him.  Kristin had purchased a disposable cell phone and engineered the threats to appear as originating with Jeff Ruggiero.  The Rockingham Superior Court sentenced Kristin to 7 to 14-years in State Prison for her falsifications.

It is a rather chilling notion that Bisbee’s downward spiral from being a sworn community police officer of ten years to a client of the New Hampshire Correctional Infrastructure, nearly went unchecked. Bisbee didn’t simply give false testimony of falsehoods, he undertook a conscious and intended pattern of dishonesty. Bisbee engaged in behavior that he, above all others given his experience as a police officer, knew was a serious violation of law.

 Bisbee wrote letters to both the New Hampshire and Massachusetts attorneys generals suggesting that East Kingston Police Chief Richard Simpson was a corrupt cop. It was Chief Simpson who peeled back the layers of Kristin Ruggiero’s scheming and plotting against her ex-husband Jeff Ruggiero.  Rockingham County Prosecutor Jerome Blanchard said,

“The interesting thing is he went on the offensive for Ms. Ruggiero. He used his position and knowledge as a former police officer to try to influence law enforcement to — ironically — go after the people investigating his girlfriend…”

 Bisbee’s defense lawyer Bruce Kenna advocated for a suspended sentence arguing that  Bisbee was a just another victim of Kristin’s manipulations. It is clear that Kristin Ruggiero is using (Bisbee)  for her own means,” Kenna said.

 A two to four-year sentence, in light of the circumstances, seems inadequate. Bisbee was a police officer for ten years. Police Officers are supposed to preserve the dignity and respect the rights of all individuals. He worked and acted assisting Kristin’s intent to jail Jeffrey Ruggiero when he rationally knew there existed no basis to do so.

 When caught in his web of lies and deceit, Bisbee cowardly pointed the finger at Kristin arguing that he had been manipulated and conned, taken in by her. But his actions stand alone and apart from the manipulation. But Bisbee consciously knew his letter-writing and false testimony was not grounded in any facts.

 Bisbee aided and abetted this succubus where she left in her wake, nothing but shattered lives, crumbs and lasting damage. And when Kristin was convicted, her incarceration left her undeterred as she continued in a pattern of manipulation.

 Bisbee needs to do some soul-searching and start another letter-writing campaign, only this time it should be letters of apology and conciliation. First and foremost, to Jeffrey and Jeanne Ruggiero whose personal lives have been so deeply affected by this; Second to Chief Simpson. Bisbee had no basis to conclude Chief Simpson was (or is) corrupt. In fact, Kristin went to Jail only because Chief Simpson had blinders on, interested in the heart of the truth of this case, unlike other law enforcement agencies who pick a side and become so personally invested in their Domestic violence advocacy most exculpation is dismissed or ignored. and Finally to the citizens of this State whose tax dollars and resources were consumed because Bisbee is a lying bastard.

 Lastly, I would say to Brendan Bisbee….”Don’t Drop the Soap.”