THE ROAD TO HELL - Granite Grok


“The only reason people get lost in thought is because it’s unfamiliar territory.” —Paul Fix

In July of 2009, West park Florida in Broward County named its’ first street for President Barack Obama.


After Obama was inaugurated, West Park Commissioners voted to rename Southwest 40th Avenue in his honor.  West park City Commissioner Tommy Dorsett told the Sun Sentinel’s Gregory Lewis, “Obama represents people coming together to accomplish goals and it’s what I hope for West Park. That we work together to get things done.”

Opa-locka, was actually the first South Florida city to name a street for Obama. So what comes to mind if one cruises down Barack Obama Boulevard in South Florida? Perhaps, “Wrong Way” signs about every fifty feet? But then again if the car crashes the government will buy you a new one. If one is not certain of anything else, there is one certainty that this is the road to Hell.

Once not so long ago, the custom was not to name something after a person until he (or she) was “worm food” for a time. That went out the window when former Klansmen Robert C. Byrd became West Virginia’s Pork barrel Senator, resulting in a massive collection of parks, buildings, bridges, highways and health centers named in his honor. About 66 total. It’s a wonder West Virginia doesn’t rename the Seagull the Robert C. Byrd Bird…After all, the Seagull flies in, makes a bunch of noise, craps all over everything, steals your fries and flies off.  The whole naming thing has gotten out of hand and Barack Obama Boulevard confirms it.


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