“The two pillars of ‘political correctness’ are: a) willful ignorance; and,  b) a steadfast refusal to face the truth” —George MacDonald


“Reform school” was a euphemistic term used to characterize what amounted to a penal institutions for teenagers, most often boys. Social reformers of America during the late 19th and early 20th centuries decried the practice of treating juvenile offenders as adult criminals.

Under the tutelage of reform schools, juveniles were often exploited by the older inmates, receiving instruction in more advanced peripheries of crime by older more hardened youth offenders who showed little regard for law, society’s morals, or human life, the net result, being  juvenile offenders emerged from reform school worse than when they entered. No state in the Union openly or officially refers to its juvenile correctional institutions as “reform schools”, but what is described still do exist.

I think many people generally understand what Joe Brigs was trying to convey. And to be sure, many of us out here amongst the “unwashed masses” who have taken a hard look at Job Corps costs might agree: “cost exceeds benefits.” And to a larger point, perhaps it could also be asserted that the city is yet expanding the social utopian template on the backs of city taxpayers. 35 Million is a heck of a lot of money.

But Joe Briggs’ EPIC FAIL is that he has yet to learn that contemporary culture dictates that our public officials express themselves in the “puppies and kitties” fashion of public communication. Emotion has replaced logic and liberal do-gooders are the most thin-skinned people on the face of the earth. They need physicians and counseling after seeing a firearm on a laying table…they decry as racists those who oppose immigration of refugees in the wake of fiscal crisis…they accuse right-to-work supporters as destroyers of the middle class…the list goes on…there is no end to the litany of pejoratives hurled by progressives at anybody who finds fault with social utopian concepts that cost a lot of money with limited or no measureable social benefit.

When it comes to “Cajones” my hat is off to Briggs…But that counts little in the dominant culture of progressive “puppies and kitties” politics. At least his characterization is far less broad than calling citizens of Manchester “White Trash“…and far less pejorative. My advice to Briggs:  Charm School.—Just sayin’…


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