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There’s Been An Uptick In Interest In New Hampshire

New Hampshire State FlagFrom the mouths of state bureaucrats, or more specifically that of Michael Bergeron, a business recruiter for the State Department of Economic Development:

There’s been a general uptick in interest in New Hampshire, I would say since late-February," he said.  Certainly more people are looking than last year."

The quote comes from a front page story in this mornings Union Leader, Thanks Globe; New Hampshire couldn’t have said it better.  (You have to go to page A4 of the dead-tree edition to find the quote, third paragraph from the end in the digital edition as well.)

The UL article explains that the Boston Globe ran a front page story on Bergeron, characterizing him as a thief for encouraging companies to move northward.  The problem appears to be that pesky New Hampshire advantage is responsible for that uptick in interest.

It is an advantage which gets even more pesky for the socialist tax-and-spend New England states when New Hampshire has a Republican majority in power that is committed to avoiding debt, reducing spending, and cutting back the size of government.  They are cutting taxes and fees and looking to further improve a business climate to make Mr. Bergeron’s job even easier.  And the long term signals are that we no longer intend to commit to the democrat party plan to spend first and  add debt and taxes later; debt the business community and its investors and risk takers are always forced to pay; investors and risk takers who are maligned and scorned by the class warfare left.

Remove that threat and the investment will come bringing jobs and growth with it.

Mr. Bergeron, by the way, is the state level equivalent of a business head-hunter.  As far as I can tell, he visits companies in other states who might be convinced that New Hampshire is a better place to set up shop.  The GOP is clearly making New Hampshire more appealing to business.

And businesses create jobs.  Jobs, even the lowest paying jobs, provide people with an opportunity to increase their own economic freedom.  A paycheck empowers you, makes you feel better about yourself and it presents an opportunity for upward mobility.  If you work hard you can advance, take your learned skills to better paying jobs with more opportunity; you can go as far as your personal drive and desire for a better lifestyle can take you; that is something that the government welfare state can never offer you.

The obvious lesson is that being more like Massachusetts, the trajectory that New Hampshire’s democrat party was and is committed to, is not more desirable for business and job growth and thanks to Mr. Bergeron we have more evidence of that.


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